Outrage over 'Call of Duty' ad outrageous

MSNBC: It seems not everyone is as fond of Activision's bullet-riddled advertisement for "Call of Duty: Black Ops" as I am.

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SkyCrawler2902d ago

from a mile away when I first saw this.

evrfighter2901d ago

i was on the fence about blackops for awhile until I saw kobe.

I guess I was the target demographic and worked

Peppino72901d ago

Nothing wrong with it at all.

solidjun52901d ago

I may not get the game but that ad was pretty good. IT made me laugh. I liked it.

HolyOrangeCows2901d ago

I'm still LMAO at all of the people that fell for all of the crap about "Honoring the soldiers" and "making it accurate" when they had all of those supposed special operatives members giving them advice.

In the end, it's just another shooter video game.

8-bit2901d ago

I am sick of Video games being treated differently from every other media. Read the article, it is really good.

fossilfern2901d ago

Anyone who takes offence to this ad has far too much time on their hands and nothing better to do

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r1sh122901d ago

Yea same..I think the ad is great, but since its an 18/M rated game why put children in it?
Maybe young adults, if they had put young people above 18 it would have been fine.
The stupid press make so much noise about games, but allow films like SAW to have adverts.
STFU media pricks.

SlickShoes2901d ago

Where are the children in the advert?

bakagaijin782901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

Yeah, I didn't see any kids in the ad either... wtf? Why complain about something that's not even there?

I've not played the game myself, but I thought this ad was brilliant. Made me want to give it a go.

Edit: I don't see a kid at 0:12, I see a chubby lady with glasses...

tacosRcool2901d ago

That is an awesome video as it almost makes me want to buy Black Ops!

Does anybody remember that banned 360 commercial?

ChickeyCantor2901d ago

That ban doesnt make sense
I mean that one makes it look innocent.

This commercial using real guns and stuff...I mean...This world is F 'up

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rdgneoz32901d ago

"What gets under my skin here is the way Machkovech, like too many others, seems to think video games must play by an entirely different set of rules than every other entertainment medium out there."

Exactly. Its OK to show a movie or a trailer for a movie with real live people in it shooting / blowing each other up, or movies like Saw where you torture and dissect people, but this trailer is "outrageous".
(Hell, watch the movie "Law Abiding Citizen", there's a scene where the guy gets revenge on one of the men who killed his family by literally dissecting him on a table, hooking him up to machines to keep him alive during it, and making the guy watch it by cutting off his eye lids)

longcat2901d ago

The problem is that not many adults play games. Its main demographic is young males. As a result there are few consequences to bashing the medium. Magazines like this can point fingers of blame without upsetting any of their audience.

SlickShoes2901d ago

The majority of game players are adults with the average age being 35.

Baka-akaB2901d ago

the majority are adults .

It's just the same problems comics , manga and anime encounter ... old geezers who can't mind their own business and decided that it is for kids mostly and only , hence should be reflected in their content

Ju2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

If that is so, then we would all agree, that kids under 17 (or 18) are not supposed to play that game. Yet, tell me, why I have to argue with my 10 year old stepson, why his dad plays co-op with him in CoD, if we are all on the same page here.

If you would see a naked woman's breast before say 10pm on TV - which clearly targets an adult audience - the outcry would be "outrageous". But yet, violence gets a pass.

longcat2901d ago


I cant seem to download the citation that that statistic is taken from, so i can't really accept it until i see how that figure was arrived at and how the study was designed. Sorry, its the scientist in me.

They seemed to have collected data from persons who were purchasing the games - which may give a misleading figure as to player ages.

A lot of other similar stats were obtained via online surveys - also not representative and highly skewed.

interesting possibility though.

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chak_2901d ago

People just rage on everything nowadays.

Just let'em piss

zeksta2901d ago

People have to find something to always bitch and complain about, it seems to naturally run in the human blood, but sometimes complaining can make good happen, this isn't one of those times.


I like the advert, outrage my "!%!%£ , it's sad but for now gaming will always face this by those who cannot understand the entertainment value in it. it's no different to films or anything else.

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