Aaron Greenburg laughing out loud at VGChartz Kinect sales report via Twitter

Greenburg: "LOL'ing at sales reports from VGChartz, why do people release info as official when there is no source or science behind the #s?"

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Moonboots2994d ago

Hrm, that sounds like a man with much bigger numbers. I don't think he would even mention it if he didn't know better and liked the results he saw.

Bigpappy2994d ago

Anything less I wold say would be a disappointment, but far from a failure.

vsr2994d ago Show
uxo222994d ago

Please, just give me one reason why that would be a concern for you. Seriously.

gta_manic2994d ago

If i ever get a 360 i might get the bundle(so they must be going something right)

MariaHelFutura2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Kinects failure will be judged in the Long term.

Edit: Ok. Kinect will be cemented in the worlds history based off of 6-8 games that kinda suck.

Sheikh Yerbouti2994d ago

I guess you went from XP straight to Windows 7.

Sarcasm2994d ago

huh for once I agree with Aaron Greenberg. VGcharts is a joke

Anon19742994d ago

Indeed. No one in the industry takes this site seriously. And why should they? It's a guy who used to phone stores and get some sales numbers and then guessed about the rest. When he met someone in retail, he'd hit them up for more numbers. Then he made his own site where he does the same thing.

Just google him. Ioi, and his banning from neogaf forums. It's quite illuminating. Just because you can slap a coat of polish on a website showing off your fake numbers doesn't somehow make the content of that site magically reliable.

This is something the game industry itself knows very well, even if some of the posters on this site refuse to see the truth.

Game13a13y2994d ago

i think Greenburg should LOL at himself first if he's laughing about fake numbers now.

Rainstorm812994d ago

The funny thing about this is, why now?

VGchartz has been wrong forever, but in favor of the 360 so why didnt greenburg say something then?

And people wonder where this flip flop fanboy mentality comes from.....

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2994d ago

Can we please stop submitting shit from VGChartz now? Thanks.

JokesOnYou2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Its easy to bash them but if you do some research 6mo back vg vs NPD you'll notice they had a fairly accurate record many times within 50k compared to NPD, while every now and then being waaay off. Some may say OMG thats terrible, but I always think its good for a free site considering the enormous task at hand. The problem is #1 vg aims to estimate sold to consumer while company #' s is retailers #2 people hate them only because when vg estimates their console sold less than the other console they suddenly take vg estimates as a personal attack, accuse the site of bias, etc. Check my history no matter which vg showed ahead I always say "If" or comment noting its an estimate. I know vg has done comparisons with their pre-liminary data vs NPD data for 6month periods which proved they were close for the most part. Its obvious the only reason Greenburg would tweet downplaying vgchartz now is becsause he knows the numbers are better than vg is estimating.

nix2994d ago

i feel sorry for the kid (a very big 360 fanboy, i heard) who started that website. after so many years of dedication, MS themselves are laughing at him.. how typical.

Cueil2994d ago

actually the staffers are mostly pro Nintendo and Sony... the sight has very few Xbox fans on it...

pixelsword2993d ago

1. Greenburg is now in my cool book for doing that. He was always up and down, but that cements him.

2. We won't know kinect numbers until AFTER Black Friday's sales are tabulated, and that's how a smart marketer would do it, so wait until then.

uxo222992d ago

No I've had them all dos 5 thru 7 missing nothing in between, even had apple and linux machines. I am an IT professional I don't computers and networks for a living. Now, think about your question again (or why you asked it), consider all the other things in your live that hasn't performed the way you feel that should have (computers, radios, consoles, blow up dolls, etc.) and then ask yourself how many of those manufacturers do you actually hate because of their disappointing product.

Then try an answer the question why you hate them. I would bet a dollar to a doughnut that you can't come up with an objective answer, you'll only be able to say "Because..." or some other BS answer.

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MariaHelFutura2994d ago ShowReplies(2)
morganfell2994d ago ShowReplies(1)
DigitalAnalog2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Microsoft legend-man finally speaks out against the garbage that is VGChartz. They should've inflated the sales by 75% more then they're supposed to.

-End statement

Zeevious2993d ago have VGCharts BANNED from this site, like on NeoGAF.

VGCharts is nothing but a ethic-less excuse to drum up site-hits and ad-money...with no credibility and repeated demonstrations why they have none.

VGCharts fake news & numbers should be banned.

Death24942993d ago

it puts Microsoft at selling over a million that last time I checked. So why is he disagreeing with these numbers. They have you guys sitting at 44.5 million sold to consumer, when you announced on October 29th that you've only shipped 44 million. They're undertracking ps3 sales heavily. For people saying it has to sell at least a million, America has "allegedly" over 20million xbox360 install base. That isn't even 1% of it's install base in North America.

DeepInterludium2994d ago

He's laughing because even he can't believe people are dumb enough to think that Kinect sold 500k it's first week.

Statix2994d ago

He's laughing because the sales numbers are disappointing, and he'd rather they not be released.

Sez 2994d ago

He probobly laughing because he Knows how many moves where actually sold and how quick kinect outsold it. I know I would be

Death24942993d ago

because hes like:

"I know "gave" away atleast 400k. Lets see, everyone in the audience received one, and Burger King still has that "win a Kinect every 15minutes" ad going. Yea i know we at least gave away half of that."

showtimefolks2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )


even than what's the big deal with number who ever will enjoy these motions controls great for them other gamers like me worry not we are being taken care of

just play games and let sony/ms do their thing with casual market

this year alone look at how many awsome games came out

halo reach
yakuza 3
heavy rain
alan wake

so as long as gamers are getting awsome games i am kool with both companies trying to make some extra cash from a different market share

ceedubya92993d ago

And that list of cool games can be even longer. I haven't even scratched the surface of all of the great games that came out this year.

hakis862994d ago

Now maybe people can stop approving their news...??

PS360fanboy2994d ago

Looks like Sony Fanboys aren't the only ones anymore doubting vgchartz credibility...

frostypants2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I don't care if the numbers are higher or lower...props to him for publicly calling out VGChartz. And I normally find Greenburg irritating.

ct032993d ago

He wouldn't have brought this up if the real numbers were not substantially higher.

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yewles12994d ago

The irony here is magical.

Nihilism2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

What irony? the irony that a PS3 marketing tool would try to suggest that VGcharts has more legitimate numbers than M.S?

Or the irony that you care so much as to come into this article and comment while trying to suggest you don't care...

Or the irony that both PS3 and 360 games all of a sudden care about the fate of motion control devices when they have done nothing but claim they don't care for it for the last 3.5yrs

Irony indeed.

Back to the basement boyo it's your turn to wash up tonight.

"Coming from the likes of YOU, the irony tastes even SWEETER now"

That makes no sense. I have never cared about motion control and I don't own a 360...I know it's hard, but try to think before you type, you're just embarrassing yourself.

yewles12994d ago

"Or the irony that both PS3 and 360 games all of a sudden care about the fate of motion control devices"

Coming from the likes of YOU, the irony tastes even SWEETER now. XD

KwietStorm2994d ago

What PS3 marketing tool is this? And why did you see it fit to try and disrespect this random person whom you dont know?

RememberThe3572994d ago

I never realize how the word "irony" could get so deep under someones skin.

Nihilism2994d ago

I'm seeing a lot of QQ at my factual observation.

People do need to lighten up, 34 people as of this post.

maverick402994d ago

do you suffer from aspergers syndrome?

likedamaster2994d ago

Ah, the smell of pwnage in the morning. +1

Death24942993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

is Microsoft thinks they can get those people who bought a Wii (entire system for $150) to buy Kinect (peripheral $150). It's ironic that Xbox360 is known for it's hardcore games, yet it's abandoning the hardcore market to refresh the console. Ironic that ps3 has sold 8.1 million this year compared to Xbox360's 5.6 million. It's also funny how the ps3 is still more expensive than both Wii and Xbox360.

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gaden_malak2994d ago

The irony here is that Greenburg made up his own numbers when Major Nelson reported otherwise, or vice versa. Regardless one of them is telling tall tales.

morganfell2994d ago

Major Nelson posted numbers. The next evening Greenburg countered. The following day Greenburgs's boss countered him by providing the same numbers as Major Nelson. Do the math.

IdleLeeSiuLung2994d ago


so where is this proof of the events?

or should I just take the words of a known fanboy with two bubbles?

By the way, how did you get so many bubbles in the first place?

Sez 2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Please dude don't waste your time with [email protected] I'm still waiting for his proof that Sony only counts moves sales as shipped and ps3 as sold. I'm sure he can provide some kind of evidence,link,quote from a Sony exec that proves his statement as to why Sony can report ps3 as sold but can't do the same with move?


I still waiting for that link. Don't think because you pm'ed me then blocked me. That I wasn't going to still ask for it. Back up your claim or shut the F*** up

hoops2994d ago

Morgan works for Sony. That's why he is always pimping Sony in every single thread. You won't get proof from him ever. Don't waste your time with him. He is nothing more than a wannabe PR guy from Sony

Death24942993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I guess you like eating crow.

Here's that proof you were looking for that sony reports shipped as "sold to consumer"

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Millah2994d ago

The irony here is also that he tweeted from an Android phone. Ahem, didn't Microsoft just spend a ton of money launching Windows Phone 7? Doesn't say much for it when MS' own employees aren't even using it.

KwietStorm2994d ago

lol How did I miss that?? Now THAT is funny.

IdleLeeSiuLung2994d ago

Maybe he bought his Android last year before Windows Phone 7 released.

Doesn't speak much for your intelligence or attempt at trolling.

Baka-akaB2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

that's weak , if he wanted a win7 phone he'd easily get one already . especially as a PR rep .

The whole he said , she said , you said , from above is the usual fanboys shenanigans and vgchartz being crap whatever the direction of the wind , but this here is a tiny bit funny .

gigaware2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Like anybody really thought those VGC numbers were anywhere close to what they really are when the retailers were reporting the Kinect device was selling out before Microsoft decided to produce them 24/7 with a army of trucks waiting to deliver them at a moments notice. LOL

I'm not telling a tall tail, Microsoft is making them all day every day.

First day over a million, first month 3 to 4 million in the US alone.

Sitris2994d ago

Lol at the 4 million first month in the US alone part. That is way to high, even for kinect and ms lol by end of year, world wide 5 million, now that is a smarter amount.

MariaHelFutura2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

"I'm not telling a tall tail, Microsoft is making them all day every day."

Tall **Tale**

What are you 80?


getem2994d ago

whatever you are smoking must not be from this planet

Sarcasm2994d ago

Alien reafer? Probably to be that delusional.

Bell Boy2994d ago

guess someone forgot to tell the xbox owners near me in Atlanta because there are plenty of Kinect camera's sitting on the shelf.

To shift the numbers your talking about the thing would need to be on a shelf for all of 5 minutes

kanedaakira2994d ago

Somebody needs to bookmark that comment and come back in a months time!

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Genecalypse2994d ago

Even tho he may be right, Aaron Greenburg is such...a douchebag

kaveti66162994d ago

Why judge a guy based on his job as a PR man? Do you know anything about him other than his occupation and the statements he makes as a requirement of his job?

Do you know if he's married or has kids? Do you know if he kicks homeless men on the street instead of giving them some money?

Does he have furnace in his basement used solely to incinerate small animals?

To call a man a douchebag for spinning positive statements about the company that he works for is narrow-minded.

Genecalypse2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I'm sure if we had all the time in the world, and everyone got to know everyone on a spiritual level, and we felt peoples souls at a deeper level the world would be a better place and we could finally understand our fellow man. Except its not like that, and what he says and does is all we can base our perception on him for now.


I have furnace in the baement just for that. Barelly overdone cats taste like rabbit, but don't try to eat squirrels, now I know why they don't heal much in Fallout 3...

ozstar2994d ago

@Geneclypse, WIN!

@kaveti6616, Greenburg has no modestly what so ever, thats why people cut him down (lrn2tallpoppysydrome).

gaden_malak2994d ago

I sweat kaveti is the devil's b!tch.

maverick402994d ago

could you please quietly stfu. I cant believe i spent 10 seconds reading that thrash you just posted.

Zeevious2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

To say a man spinning positive statements (I call it smyling) about the company that he works for is NOT a douchebag is narrow-minded. He's an enthusiastic liar...every company employs them, and they are often douchebags.

The rest of your nonsense is what get's the guy get's a pass with kids or a wife?
If he beats his wife and kids...still get a pass?
If he's divorced because he's a cheating terrible husband...still?
How about he put his kids up for adoption because they where just too much of an inconvenience, or abandoned them...or never paid 11 cents in child support?

I'll deal with what I KNOW about this guy...and he is really a loser to me, but then I don't like fakes flakes or misleading PR people. I could never do that job because I have a sense of personal ethics and self-respect. How can you twist the world into a lie day in and day out and respect yourself after that?

That's why I'd like to know why the HELL should I care if he's married or has kids? How does that make any difference to anyone being a douchebag?

And yeah, me' -n- AAron go out and kick homeless people...with my soccer cleats on.

One time right after Ken Kutaragi handed him a signed PS3 as a gift...he put gloves on and went right out to the alley and beat a homeless person to death with it...leaving it there for the cops to find....with a note that said "Property of Ken 'Killer' Katuragi"
(it goes without blood)

Of course he doesn't have a furnace for incinerating animals in his basement...that's silly!
Well all burn them at the great Mac-N-trash bonfire once a week at a, uh...Apple-free Redmond campus...with no relation to work.

...and all that makes as much sense as some guy being a douchebag at work but forgiven for it cause he played Kinectimals.

If that really works for you...who's narrow minded?

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