When DLC Goes Wrong

Poorly done DLC is one of gamers' worst nightmares right now. Where a publisher stands to make some money. Gamers get screwed, whether its the overpriced extra maps/costumes dlc, on-the-disc dlc, or DLC that is nothing more then a remake of other DLC. No game is safe from bad DLC, including Modern Warfare 2, Bioshock 2, Uncharted 2 and a host of many other popular games. Is there a chance to save DLC?

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JimmyJames702988d ago

I played BioShock 2 and liked it, but the multiplayer was buggy and so I traded it out and never did buy any DLC for it.

gillri2987d ago

errm Minerva's Den is the best DLC I have ever brought

better than both BS1 and BS2, amazing!!!