Yahoo: Biggest Game Flops of 2010

Yahoo:"From Mass Effect 2 to Red Dead Redemption to Halo: Reach, it's been another banner year for hit games. Unfortunately, for every video game blockbuster, there's a straight up bust. Whether due to bad reviews, bad timing or just plain bad luck, the following high-profile titles failed to live up to the hype."

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MariaHelFutura2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )


Maybe he`ll get a Kinected Sequel...."Get Fit With Alan"

You could run on the spot and jump and move left and right dodging tornadoes.

SnuggleBandit2897d ago

pshh alan wake wasnt THAT wasnt an amazing game like fanboys were claiming it was gonna be but if an 83 on metacritic means its a flop then gamers are in trouble.

MariaHelFutura2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I never said it was bad.

units2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

says the guy with the killzone avatar

Dragun6192897d ago

Yahoo was talking at a sales perspective. Alan Wake sales flopped. But other than that the game was solid.

N4PS3G2897d ago

No one is saying that the game is bad, the article is talking about sales.

It even says at the beginning

"This one hurts, because Alan Wake is a terrific game."

SnuggleBandit2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

What does having a killzone avatar have to do with being a fanboy?

You have no avatar and are one of the biggest fanboys on the site O_o

Plus i was defending the game from being called a flop, are you that dumb?? i guess so...


ya nice edit there...

MariaHelFutura2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

"You have no avatar and are one of the biggest fanboys on the site O_o"

Owned. You sit down when you pee.



vsr2897d ago

It's a mature game like heavyrain, so it would be sold more on PS3

AAACE52897d ago

Where do you guys go? You always talk about Xbox fanboys talking about how great a game is gonna be, yet I have rarely seen any of this, besides for Halo or Gears! I have always seen the Ps3 fanboys making these claims about nearly every Ps3 exclusive game though!

Maybe I need to look harder, or just look at everyone like a fanboy and then i'll see it!

BillOreilly2897d ago

Alan Wake was epic. I love good stories and stephen king though. I still say it was the best game this year alongside mass effect 2 and maybe red dead. Its sad most people said flop and claimed it sucked without giving it a chance. It was overshadowed and under advertised.

Rainstorm812897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

If you look at any story prior to Alan Wake's release, The 360 faithful were comparing it graphically to uncharted 2, claiming the game was open world, and spreading rumors on the games length.....Its happens, especially on this site......same thing with Splinter Cell Conviction it was supposed to be the "MGS killer"

Not to say PS3 fans dont do it, there has been a few "Halo Killers" over the years that didnt pan out, although Sony's 1st party exclusives deliver more often than 360's 3rd party exclusives.

Word to the fanboys wait for a game to release then judge it on its own merits if you dont know what you are talking about.

Bereaver2897d ago

Actually.... I didn't care much for Alan Wake.

I wouldn't call it a flop because I know there are a lot of people that liked it.

But, to me, it was below par.

AAACE52897d ago

I'm not gonna go back and look, but if they were making those claims.... they were f*ckin nuts! I expected them to be decent games, but nothing too spectacular! Most games on any console are never as good as we believe them to be, but because we have such ambition for games, we trick ourselves into believing they are the greatest thing ever made!

For example, a lot of the early 360 and Ps3 games I loved, but when I go back and try to play them, I am left asking myself did I really like this sh*t? Very few games stand the test of time, but most are games we like because it's just what's available at that time.

hot4play2897d ago

Alan Wake would have probably sold better as a multiplat or a PS3 exclusive. :p

Lawliet2896d ago

Wow this list is so lame. Biggest Game flops? What sort flop are they implying anyway? Is it the terrible flop of the hypes, game mechanics or the sales. They should categories them and make flop lists, and not like dump every reason into a pile. Yahoo is such a newbs.

"Get Fit With Alan"
Hahaha! I like that one.

corneliuscrust2896d ago

1M sales, not amazing, but not haze.

moparful992896d ago

Alan wake did not impress me.. I stopped playing after 30 minutes.. For me it had good graphics but the voice acting was a little off and it really didnt feel suspensefull. In fact it was almost predictable... Doesn't mean it was a bad game but its metacritic and sales reflected its quality...

Pyscho_Mantis2896d ago

my worst games of this year were probably crackdown 2.

gaden_malak2896d ago

I just started Alan Wake. It's not to bad so far (only really played 20 minutes). I do like the homage to Silent Hill on the locked doors.

f7897902896d ago

Devs need to learn to keep their mouths shut until the game is almost done. Once you start the hype you can't keep it going for 2 years. Everyone got bored of waiting and it there was no excitement when it came out.

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Moonboots2897d ago

"No one is saying that the game is bad, the article is talking about sales. "

No, the article actually says nothing but they don't specifically say sales.. they say

"the following high-profile titles failed to live up to the hype."

Which is BS in my opinion. The only thing AW did was not live up to was the crazy fanboy talk.

rdgneoz32897d ago

"The only thing AW did was not live up to was the crazy fanboy talk."

Yah, it didn't live up to the hype. It was hyped beyond belief and did not live up to it. You may call it crazy fanboy talk, but its actually "hype".

moparful992896d ago

ALAN WAKE -- This one hurts, because Alan Wake is a terrific game. But despite its 83% Metacritic rating, it was released alongside Game of the Year contender Red Dead Redemption and failed to wake up the charts. For a game that took five years to develop, that's a nightmare.

This was taken straight from the site.. If you bothered to click through the gallery there was a description under each picture...

Supman2897d ago

Lol get fit with alan
very funny, they should make that.

showtimefolks2897d ago

i feel like this gen if its not a FPS it won't sell just because so many new kids got into gaming just this gen they think FPS is the best

last gen on ps2 there were many different kind of games but RPG's were what ps2 was known for so i guess every gen there is a gener that gets really hot in gaming circles

moparful992896d ago

Look at games like metal gear solid 4, grand theft auto 4, god of war 3, little big planet.. They've sold extremely well on the ps3 and defy this shooter mentality.. Its a stigma that seems to haunt the 360.. Halo, gears of war, call of duty etc...

Seferoth752896d ago

LMAO... Only a Sony fan would name off 2 shooters and then claim they defy the shooter mentality......

LOL at LBP selling well. 1 million copies were free and mosy of the other million were sold at 29.99 or less. Game was a complete bomb

moparful992896d ago

First of all there's a reason you only have two bubbles, secondly none of those games are shooters.. Metal gear solid goes in the tactical espionage, in fact you can complete the entire game without firing a shot. Grand theft auto 4 is a SANDBOX game and while it has guns in it it's far from a shooter, God of war is an action platformer, and little big planet invented and entirely new genre and no matter how try and spin the numbers little big planet has sold very well for being a brand new ip.. SO try again troll...

MariaHelFutura2897d ago

Alan Wake 2 for Kinect should be half exercise game and half FPS on rails. Run away from debris, then get some headshots w/ the flashlight.


Pillville2896d ago

Alan wake would be perfect for 2 Move controllers. One as a flashlight and one in the space gun accessory.

PS360fanboy2897d ago

This list nailed it! Thw worst of the bunch are in there:

- Final Fantasy XIV;
- That stupid Dead Space thing;
- NBA Elite 2011, which got canned!
- Power Gig.

dtalon32896d ago

while I wont forgot the #1 dissapointment on that list...force unleashed 2 is the biggest joke of a game I have ever purchased.

visualb2896d ago

a blog from yahoo? so anyone can just make a slide show with what games they thought were a flop and post it as an opinion piece on N4G?

f*cking pathetic.

corneliuscrust2896d ago

rears it's horribly ugly head

vhero2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Its funny how MS fanboys banged on about Alan Wake being the uncharted killer and now look at it.. It's a bit like now with Kinect and how they banging on about it gonna propel 360 to the top.. Funny stuff

ThatIrishGamer2896d ago

Funniest comment I've read in a while. Mostly because it's perfect description of Kinect titles. Great stuff lad.

ImmortalLegend2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

You all worry about sales all day and never try the game out for yourself which is truly sad. That's so stupid if you think that way. "OMG this game didn't get (X) amount of sales so it must suck!"

Alan Wake was a very unique game and wasn't bad at all. It's one of the best games I've played this year and I honestly think that it has one of the best plots this generation. Alan Wake provided things for me that I haven't really felt in a while with a game fear, suspense, happy, sad, and more. The only game that rivals it in that aspect is Heavy Rain.

number472896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Who started the whole "AAA" or Flop culture that the media picked up? 8 mill halo3 sales day one or flop..
etc. There have been a ton of games that score/sell lowly that are considered flops by the standards of success that this generation has had thanks to...

Now the Activisions, Epics & EA's of the world boast about sales more so than the fact that they offer quality experiences. And its accepted due to the illusion that sales = quality.

People even now today can be seen with this attitude in regards to Kinect. Thats why this is more than likely the last real game generation we will have.

pixelsword2896d ago



40cal2896d ago

in THAT list of games is just crazy.

I agree with vsr this game would have sold better on the PS3.

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Quagmire2897d ago

Alan Wake wouldn't have flopped had Microsoft not withheld it from the PC market.

I was keen to buy it for PC. Now, not worth buying a 360 for.

CrazyForGames2897d ago

don't kid yourself come on now chances are more people would pirate the game than buy it

showtimefolks2897d ago

than i saw how much money pc gaming is making and it changed my prospect i know a lot of taht from MMO's but pc gaming is still really good starcraft sold 3 million really fast

and having some sales are much better than having none for MS don't you think since porting from px/xbox360 is almost teh same and easy

vhero2896d ago

lol @CrazyForGames and you don't think in deluded little mind it was pirated for your precious 360? lol man there seems to be more growing 360 fanboys on here and they obviously kids as they know nothing.. Then again I expected that with the release of the Kinect addon since its made for kids and housewives..

Bnet3432897d ago

Single-Player game on PC = piracy made easy. Nice try, but it would of only hurt Alan Wake.

DeathMetal2897d ago

look at the witcher sold almost 2 mil

ct032896d ago

How would additional sales "hurt" Alan Wake?
Or are you saying that EVERYBODY would pirate it, and there wouldn't be any additional sales if released for PC?

PS360fanboy2897d ago

@Quagmire, that doesn't even make sense.

Quagmire2897d ago

Sorry, 2 am and a bottle of whiskey does strange things to a man.

Redempteur2897d ago

the main reason alawake flopped is like th article said red dead redemption was here .

Also the 360 public might not enjoy that kind of games.

KInda like how enslaved got eaten by castelvania

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Kurisu2897d ago

If I had a 360 Alan Wake would be on my "buy now" list. Played a bit at my mates and I loved it!

Moonboots2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Look at me..

I make a blog on Yahoo.. Now I'm important!

Alan Wake pic added for extra flamey spice!

Sorry Alan Wake might of not sold through the roof but it was FAR from a flop. Way to support a new IP! The game was excellent and obviously good enough for Remedy to be working on a new 360 game, rumored to be exclusive. I feel the game is excellent and we need more adult oriented thrillers like this. I guess that is why I feel the need to defend it. At least they acknowledge that as well but it should not be on this list considering the verbage they use for the other titles.

If you haven't played it, go rent it at least.

Convas2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Couldn't have said it any better buddy. Alan Wake was a superb game, one of the best 360, nay, one of the best games this gen. And it has a large group of people behind it all the way, including me.

It was a new IP and it went up against stiff, gargantuan opposition. If AW2 comes out, it will UNDOUBTEDLY sell better.

And with the ending of The Writer DLC now known, a sequel is almost guaranteed!

xXxSeTTriPxXx2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

AW2 isn't going to fair any better in sales, because it's marketed towards fps and mutiplayer junkies.if it's not a fps or steroid induced soldiers, it won't sell on 360.look @ Mass Effect 1&2 some of the greatest games this gen with piss poor sales on 360 (just over a million copies for something that great is an abomination).

and ps3 fans are no better, if it ain't MGS,FF,GTA or GT, it's not selling all that great either.uncharted has just been added to the list of great selling ps games. for all the lbp is so great talk, they barley made it 2million mark.valkyria chronicles piss poor sales,demon's souls piss poor sales, kz2 piss poor sales(not saying they didn't sell well but these are the best of the best).these games should atlease see 4 to 5 million life time sales with a user base of over 40mil.

one thing i give xbox fans credit for is,that they support their major franchises,they go out an support them shits like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

now it's well documented over n4g that i'm a sony fanboy (even tho i own a 360).and sometimes i laugh at how sony fanboys say this game is going to be so great but never buy the damn games.

i brought all of sonys 1st party games this gen from uc1 to uc2 and everything else in between.

i think AW would do great numbers on ps3 (better then the 360 anyway).and i hope it does because it could be a truely great franchise if it reaches it's intended audience.

Cyrax_872897d ago

^I have to disagree with you on LBP, LBP has sold around 3.7 mil. Valkryia Chronicles and Demon's Souls came out of nowhere and had no advertisement or hype, yet those games both sold around a million on word of mouth alone.

KZ2 I can agree with, from the hype it had, I'm surprised it didn't sell at least 3 million+. I'm sure KZ3 will surpass this though, now that all the CoD fanboys got their wish to fix "teh controls", they better eat it up.

Redempteur2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

"valkyria chronicles piss poor sales,demon's souls piss poor sales, kz2 piss poor sales"

way to not know what you're talking about .
valkyria and demon soul sold WAy more than the expected target from their publishers ...

Those games got a slow start but they sold ..a lot ..
Atlus took the decision to support demon soul online for ONE MORE YEAR because it sold very well .
As for valkyria, the only tactical rpgs that sold more is called final fantasy tactics ...

next time think before you talk

Weaksauce11382897d ago

Dead space: ignition? How can a free game be a flop? Most didn't even know it existed till a week before it came out. Other than that, decent list