Why Each Mario Game Could Be the Best of All Time -- or Not

The father of Mario has a favorite child: Super Mario World. But is it actually the best Mario game of all time?

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MariaHelFutura2902d ago

Cause Mario fans will beat you to death in a spell of nerd rage if you say anything bad about Mario. Mario and Halo fans are straight psychos.

DaBadGuy2902d ago

Then Uncharted fans are what, gay psychos?

Ba dum, tssh.


Btw, you can say whatever you want about Super Mario Sunshine.

That one is fair game. I mean it wasn't terrible, but in the main series I'd say that's the worst one. Then again picking a worst Mario game in the main series is like picking the least hottest woman in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

We should be so thankful that such a thing even exists.

pain777pas2902d ago

Super Mario sunshine replace super mario 2 which was considered the weakest. I love SM2 to be honest, actually I just found sunshine hard to control and I played for an hour and said why am I playing this? I just didn't like the game for some reason. Now, I'd love it I'm sure and see all the genius that I didn't realise was there.

WiiRemotes22902d ago

Dan Hsu and Paul Gale from Bitmob should speak up on which is their favorite Mario game. I remember Shoe gave NSMB a perfect 10, so maybe that's his favorite? Paul gave Galaxy 2 a perfect 10. But those two guys' opinions I trust the most so I wanna know from them head on!

OldSchoolGamer32902d ago

Paul and Shoe use to be on 1up. Love those guys!

Sadie21002902d ago

Dan Hsu commented on that article: His fave is Super Mario Bros 3. :)

ManfredLamchop2902d ago

the mario series is one of the best ever and almost any could be the best for any one person. what do shoe, paul, and the others at bitmob prefer most?

Otheros002902d ago

The recent ones: no
The innovative ones from before the gamecube era: yes

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