If Call of Duty: Black Ops Had Kinect Support

Bitmob writes:

"Physical activity is against my unwritten video game code of conduct, which is why I have vehemently opposed Microsofts Kinect since I first heard about it. Like all things I vehemently oppose, eventually I come around and oh-I-want-it-so-bad-it-hurts! This has been true of both Kinect and the latest Call of Duty, Black Ops. I've spent way too much time leveling-up, tweaking perks, and using guns I've never even heard of in previous Call of Duty's to get suckered into the latest iteration.

And since I've been oh-I-want-it-so-bad-hurts! about both Kinect and Call of Duty: Black Ops, my mind decided to mash them together. I began thinking, if Black Ops had Kinect support, what kind of features would it have? And would they be any good? I came up with a few that I thought would be sure-fire hits."

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KILLERAPP2902d ago

Pew pew pew, lol sorry could not resist from saying that…

r1sh122901d ago

Why doe they allow these 'articles' here.
I mean seriously, this isnt news worthy!

Bleyd2901d ago

well, it is an opinion piece and not news but it is at least properly labeled as an opinion piece thanks to the newer features of the site. just remember to take it with a grain of salt and enjoy that other people have opinions too.

r1sh122901d ago

@bleyd, I understand its opinion but its on something that Treyarch have satated will not happen.
Theres a reason why call of duty is not motion controller on the ps3 and xbox.
A game like call of duty would only go in the direction of motion controllers on the xbox and ps3 when its a dying franchise.

InTheKnow2901d ago

It wouldn't be any worse than the lame RTE's in this game...actually, Kinect would be better. ;D

Christopher2901d ago

I can honestly say that none of their ideas sound at all enjoyable to me.

acronkyoung2900d ago

Maybe that's because the article is a joke and you've failed to realize that?

MariaHelFutura2902d ago

It would be a online multiplayer rail shooter. LOL.

mrmcygan2902d ago

The only things I can think of would be throwing grenades, tea bagging people and leaning off walls.

MariaHelFutura2902d ago

Teabagging w/ Kinect. My God.

T9X692901d ago

You could put one foot forward to move your character, put your left or right foot out to the side to strafe, twist your body left and right to turn and aim left and right, move your hands up and down to look up and down and aim up and down, throw a grenade by throwing your hand at the screen, reload by put your hand by your side then lifting it back up like your holding a gun, to shoot while using both hands like your holding a gun you could slightly shake your arms up and down like your getting recoil............yea that's all I got lol. It could possibly work, but it probably wouldn't be fun for very long....if at all.

dredgewalker2901d ago

That sounds a lot like the hokey pokey dance :P

T9X692901d ago

lol it kind of does, but hey I never said it was a good idea. I just figured since someone said it wouldn't work, I would at least try to think of a way that it could be possible.

Masterchef20072901d ago

Unless its a Hybrid game it will never work

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The story is too old to be commented.