Vietnam Vet Questions Timing of Game Release

Vietnam veteran and East Kildonan, Winnipeg resident Ron Parkes is angry, and Activision is to blame. The Vietnam veteran accuses the company of purposefully releasing Call of Duty: Black Ops to coincide with Remembrance Day.

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Malicious2990d ago

Just another reason why Medal of Honor is the better game.

Mmmkay2990d ago

meh.. BF for the win,,

njr2989d ago

I honestly thought that was an old guy cosplaying as Bill from L4D

Steven212990d ago

This guy is an ass. They have said its meant to honor the vets. during this time period, the same exact thing as medal of honor. Nothing can truly depict war unless you experience it first hand. Maybe if this guy knew what the game was about and that its not a direct remake of the vietnam war he would not be so hard on it. There are many times while playing this game when I have thought to myself, "huh, this is very similar to something i learned about in school, and how the battlefield was depicted." I just wish this vet wasnt so pissy and would accept the fact and realize that many things about it are historically correct and incorrect, but all in all its still a game and in no way is meant to disgrace our vets.

Shackdaddy8362990d ago

BO doesn't honor vets at all. The story isn't even based off a true story(True time in history though). At least MoH's story is based off of operation Anaconda and shows how the soldiers risked their lives to help one another. Plus BO puts needless action into the game to make it appeal to people.

Steven212989d ago

Actually im quite sure they are donating a million dollars worth of revenue to veterans, so that in a way honors them.

DORMIN2989d ago

What a rude way to talk about a war veteran. And don't try to counter by saying you are a vet, because no military man would ever say something so insulting.

The veteran argues: "I think it is very tacky to include the distribution of a graphic war-based game like this during a week that we are supposed to be honouring those who have fallen to the conflicts this game depicts".

I bought Black Ops literally last night, and I can somewhat agree with him. In the hands of an adolescent mind, CoD essentially glamorizes a conception of war into 'fun'. I just hope everyone playing knows it is just a video game and they should not act out with something like that.

But the main thing is he doesn't know that CoD has released around this time for a few years now. So its release date timing is nothing really new. Plus, its not like people say "Oh its veterans day, we should celebrate by playing call of duty" (hopefully).

ZombieNinjaPanda2990d ago

What was your opinion on the Medal of Honor fiasco mister?

Steven212990d ago

It was hardly a fiasco. I myself am half middle eastern and i could care less if they have taliban in the game. All in all what im trying to say is that this game twists history but still depicts the game in a realistic way like the conditions they were faced with and many things that were apart of the lives of people fighting in vietnam.

ZombieNinjaPanda2989d ago

Alright controversy not fiasco, but actually you've already proven what I was looking for, thank you.

SoSLy2989d ago

Were you part of any war at all? WWI? WWII? Vietnam War? I thought so. . how come you know that this is a "direct remake" when you never actually fought in the vietnam war? "nothing can truly depict war unless you experience it first hand"
people like you disgust me.

Steven212989d ago

I said this is not a direct remake. maybe you should look it over again bud. and no i have never fought in a war, but its pretty much common sense to say that no one besides people who have been in a war know whats its like. And this is what i said in the comment, "Maybe if this guy knew what the game was about and that its not a direct remake of the vietnam war." So im guessing you believe you know exactly what war is like then huh? because what i said there, "nothing can truly depict war unless you experience it first hand," is actually a very true statement, so nothing i said should disgust you.

Elven62989d ago

Honor them by essentially creating a game devoted to Michael Bay films?

"Lets have a NPC jump onto a boat while the player looks behind him to see an entire city firebombed to hell...IN SLOW MOTION! Don't forget to play a metal track in the background either."

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SpitFireAce852990d ago ShowReplies(2)
Simco8762990d ago

Gaming is a business and Fall is the biggest time for big releases. If April was the biggest release time, then they would release games then.

With christmas around the corner, you release your titles. People just need something to bitch about all the time.

KillerPwned2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Eh hes a old man still living back in the day lets move along people he will pass out soon.

Lol calm down did not mean it.

BeOneWithTheGun2990d ago

this guy fought in a war that didn't have drones and other high-tech assistance. The average lifespan of a grunt dropped into a hotzone in the jungle was just over 15 seconds. They were put into situations that would make anyone on N4G lose their mind. They served without question and came home to a public that spitted on them.

You make me embarrassed to be from the same country.

gamerdude1322990d ago

I totally agree. First Blood had it right.

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