PGR4 images

Microsoft and Bizarre Creations released these images of Project Gotham Racing 4.

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MaximusPrime4155d ago

the raindrops on the car looks pretty good.

FirstknighT4155d ago

Oh baby! Next gen racing only on the 360! With this and Forza 2 I have the best of both worlds: Sim and Arcade!

Keowrath4155d ago

PS3 owner here, don't have a 360 but DAYAMN! This game looks sweet. Being a motorcyclist this game just OOZES appeal! Can't say yet if it's enough for me to get a 360 but I gotta admit I'm jealous! lol =p

The close up of the bike crossing the bridge looks stunning!

InMyOpinion4155d ago

Check out the draw distance behind the bike in the 5th pic. The texture work is the best I've seen.

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The story is too old to be commented.