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hoops4404d ago

What a dogs breakfast of issues his game has

Blaster_Master4404d ago

All of the issues I have could be fixed with a patch. Aside from connection issues, this game is everything I ever wanted COD to be. Thank you Treyarch.

T9X694404d ago

I agree, Treyarch did a very good job with this game apart from some shitty texture work. The only issues I've ran into in the 360 version have been some horrible frame rate issues that has happened in SP and MP about 5-6 times, and party members being kicked while searching for a match. Other than that, it's been bug free.

frostypants4403d ago

What I don't get is the backlash against this game. Amazon is plastered with garbage negative reviews from people who clearly never played it.

It's like the perfect storm of anti-Treyarch IW loyalists, MW2 glitchers, and anti-CoD fanboys all working together to astroturf the internet with fake bad reviews.

The PC crowd has a legitimate gripe with the net code. But aside from that, this is the best CoD ever in terms of multiplayer.

CobraKai4403d ago

Maybe more Anti-Activision than Anti-Treyarch? But the biggest issue for me was the mipmapping. I hope that gets fixed.

TheLastGuardian4403d ago

I haven't boughten a COD game since COD4 and I must say, I am having just as much fun online with Black Ops as I used to with 4. I just miss the maps. I would pay $20 to have all the maps from COD4 in Black Ops.

The only problems I'm having with the online is occasional lag and connection errors where you have to wait for the game to migrate to a new host. I hope the patch fixes this.

PoSTedUP4403d ago

this game is hot, no bull**** perks and nukes etc. funest cod since #4.

newflesh4403d ago

No. CoD4 shits all over Black Ops in terms of everything: graphics, sound, maps, and most important Fun.... Oh, and fuck you Treyarch.

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qface644404d ago

well all they did was copy and paste MW2 bugs and glitches included from the looks of it

i disconnect ALLOT and i mean ALLOT if its not 1 error its another

ender4114404d ago

plus, they're using the world at war engine, not mw2's

qface644404d ago

the WAW engine pretty much IS the MW engine though....

PshycoNinja4403d ago

Its called the iD engine.

Jayjayff4403d ago

as a matter of fact is awful, kicks you out of games, freezes frame rate issue and a not so good campaign

TrevorPhillips4404d ago

2 words THANK GOD

I've been suffering from a lot of issues in the PS3 version :(

vickers5004403d ago

Me too :(

I've raged quit out of the game at least 5 times now.

It's like the game is just f*cking with me: I will have to wait in the lobby for like 2 to 3 minutes (that's actually a pretty long wait for Call of Duty standards), then the match will finally start loading and you have to wait for the bar to finish loading, then after the bar is all the way there, it just stops and then you see the black screen with the circular loading screen letting you know that it's taking you back to the f*cking lobby where you have to start it all over again.

That only happened to me once or twice on day one, but worsened the 2nd day.

Toman854404d ago

Nice, hope this will fix the connection errors I get when trying to join friends :)
Keep on going, im enjoy the singleplayer and bots in Combat Training, cant get enough of them :D

TrevorPhillips4404d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

Is anyone else suffering from these following issues in BO:

* Frame rate issues
* Error connections
* Lagging while receiving achievements/trophies
* Party invite
* Glitches
* and a few more

Also can someone please tell me what's so good about this apple floating glitch, what cause of effect does it have?

gypsygib4404d ago

I've only played about 3 hours SP and 2hrs MP but so far, none of problems mentioned.

solidboss4403d ago

the game not lagging but taking a while to show my trophies thats about it

frostypants4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

I've had party invite issues, but only the usual conflicts with the Live party system that most online 360 games seem to have.

I've has one or two discos, but nothing worse than what I've seen in MW2 or Halo Reach.

No frame rate issues, no lag. In fact it's the most lag free FPS I've played on a console, aside from maybe Warhawk on the PS3 (not exactly an FPS but close enough).

SpinalRemains1384403d ago

Why do you ask if the apple glitch is good? I thought it was merely a physics glitch like all games have if you look hard enough for them.

Yes I experience the game actually freezing for 3 seconds about every dozen matches. During every other match, I experience lag and frame rate issues. The game is fun, but imagine how great it would be if it were made properly.

TheLastGuardian4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

floating apples make me SICK. I can't even play this stupid game anymore.

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nano884404d ago

a graphic and texture DLC

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