Gameplaybook: The Fight: Lights Out Review (PlayStation 3/Move)

Turn out the Lights, because this Fight is over.

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Kurisu3830d ago

I was thinking about getting this...thanks for the warning! I'll pass.

pocketaces113829d ago

I had the calibration problem once cleaned my camera everything was cool after that.

This game is not a great game but not as bad as he leads it to be.

JoeReno3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I got the game yesterday, and its fun. I wouldn't give it 5/5 or anything, but I wouldn't give it a 2/5 either. I don't think a lot of the reviewers want to work for the review of this game. It is a work out for those of us that dont work out on a regular basis. I did 7 fights and burned 400 kcal in about an hour. Its not army training, but it beats having to face the check out clerk making a get fit with mel b Purchase.

Varodor3829d ago

VIDEO | iWatch: The Fight - Lights Out

jack_burt0n3829d ago

the moves are hard to pull off, wait wat!? ffs another fat drowning cat.

Pennywise3829d ago

These guys can't punch to save their lives and are probably so damn out of shape the thought of sweating ruins the game for them.

I find it funny all the "reviewers" are crying about it being exhausting and non responsive when the people actually spending their money on this game are enjoying it. Anyone care to explain that?

I know if I spent my money on a broken game I would be the first one screaming about it.

testerg353829d ago

Isn't that the way it always is? Seems that many 360 fans enjoying Kinect, but PS3 fans says otherwise.

JoeReno3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )


Dude just stop, in this whole comment section you are the only troll to bring up kinect. Lame, just lame.

Your comment was not even realated to this review at all.

mac_sparrow3829d ago

As I have said before, It works fine except for head tracking.

My missus had a go last night, tellingly she admitted she doesn't know how to throw a punch and she had all the same problems these reviewers had.

5 minutes of tuition later on how to move her body and how to shape her arms and land blows and she was enjoying knocking opponents out left right and centre.

Dir_en_grey3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

I got the game and did not regret, but...
The "bad" part about this game is that at the beginning the developers purposely slow down your punches, purposely make them miss, and purposely make them weak randomly because (I guess) they want to add in replay value to build up your stats for the character (Power, Speed, Stamina, Accuracy etc).

The Fight is more like a "Game" instead of more of a "Simulation" like Sports Champions. I'm guessing it's a balance issue since there are online/off line multi-player and they want to make it "fair" for everybody to fight? But being able to level up stats is already unfair in a fighting game anyway, I really think they should've just made this game a "1:1 Sim" like Sports Champions.

The problem is the stats just defeats the purpose of 1:1 control. It makes it seem ridiculously inaccurate at times because the way the game "nerfs" you and it does show up on screen. Once I built up my stats the game does reflect better "Sync" with me and my character and my character will not "mess up" or "slow down" as much. But people who just started the game will get a feeling that the controls are bad and not 1:1, this is a really bad call on the developers IMO.

They could've still add in stun animation with your punches when you land them but just let the opponent recover faster and deal less damage etc., and not like you've just punched them in the face but your punch reflects like you've just punched a concrete wall when the game "nerfs" you, and not randomly mess with the animation of your punches to make it whiff, which feels like the controller just broke. The stamina bar I understand, is to prevent people from flailing their arms endlessly spamming weak punches online, but just like real boxing people can just back away and the player will just get tired in real life doing that.

I really hope they just ditch the stats and patch this into a 1:1 simulator instead of 1:(will purposely mess up your power and animation on screen at random depending on your stats to make this game look inaccurate).

So for me this game boils down to a work out game, It is still fun to work around the controls and just play a lot more so I can get my fighter to sync with me more and more.
But it would've been a way better game if this was a boxing sim and people just had to work out and get fit for real to get better at the game (Your "stats" in real life goes up playing this game already anyway).

They took a different approach than Sports Champions, which caused them to get low review scores. BUT I would still recommend this game to people that liked Sports Champions because despite all the stuff I said, I am having a lot of fun with this game. This game does give you great upper body work out, now I just need Kung-Fu Live so I can do tons of crazy kicks for lower body =)

theaceh3829d ago

Picked it up this up today. Played all evening with some family. At first they did not like the fact that their character was too slow while the opponents where fast and aggressive. It was only after beating a few opponents (and betting money on our fighter) that we were able to train and obtain SKILL POINTS that made our fighter better. Now the game seems to make more sense.

It would be nice if this game came with some ICY-HOT patches.... damn my arms and shoulders are killing me..

NewScratch3829d ago

After reading the sixth axis' review I decided to give this game a shot and am extremely glad that I did. Anyone with half a brain, and no bias against motion controls, can see after just a few minutes the point and enjoyment of this title.

JoeReno3829d ago

TSA rocks! The did a proper review of this game. In the preview the review even said that he was suppost to have the review finished, but that he was just having too much fun beating the hell out of the first few guys to get the review done in time.

They did note the head tracking, and I'm sure that can be patched to make it better, but over all its a fun game.

MasterOfThe12Blades3829d ago

I don't get what the hell is wrong with those reviewers. I bought the game last friday and it's awesome. Everything works just fine it just takes a few fights to get used to it. I seriously doubt that these guys spent more than 10 minutes with the game...they probably didn't even level up their character.
I checked the customer reviews on and everyone seems to like the game.

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