DC Universe Online Sets Out to Atone for the Sins of Star Wars Galaxies

No one knows better than Sony Online Entertainment how hard it can be to develop an MMORPG based on a popular property. The veteran MMO developer has been toiling away on DC Universe Online since roughly 2005; coincidentally, right about the time the studio released the New Game Experience patch in a desperate attempt to revive their first stab at an MMO based on a popular license: Star Wars Galaxies. -Kat Bailey 1up

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Chaostar2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Ironically I liked Star Wars Galaxies right up until they dropped that patch ¬_¬

I'm hoping there's a demo for DC Universe Online as SWTOR has my attention at the minute. Maybe tempted when I hear more about DCUO, don't really know that much at the minute.

rdgneoz32991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

If you pre-order it and send in a pic of the preorder slip to the DC website (they have a page on the site to upload it) by I think the 15th, you can get into the beta. So basically 5 down and you get into the beta, and after that you can cancel your preorder if you don't like it.

p.s. "The team is planning monthly content under the premise that they have to earn the $14.99 per month subscription fee, with each month featuring a different character." Nice, this was what I was hoping for. New content constantly to make up for the subscription fee, seeing as some companies will do new content like once or twice a year while still charging that $15 a month.