BrutalGamer Hands On Preview: The Undergarden

Brutal Gamer's impressions on the first half hour of the zen puzzler, The Undergarden. How do the initial impressions pan out? Click through to see.

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Eufloria and the Challenges of Zen Gaming

Cameron Pershall writes about the rapidly expanding "zen game" genre, and how it can be hard to strike the perfect balance of relaxation and actual gameplay.

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PS3Vault Review: The Undergarden

The UnderGarden is most certainly a strange game, and does its best to follow the example set by Flower. There is no real objective other than to move through the levels, pollinating what appears to be plants and flowers, you cant die, and there is always mellow music playing in the background. Does The UnderGarden succeed in being as stand out and artful as Flower? Hit the break for our full review.

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CalBearFan4822d ago

Wow, 4 out of 10, that's some mean stinkage...


The Undergarden on PlayStation 3 Review - PushSquare

PushSquare: "The Undergarden tries hard to jump aboard the zen-gaming hype train, but ultimately settles for the soulless bandwagon."

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hellzsupernova4827d ago

2 out of 4? is that typo? cause out of 4 is kind of strange

GodsHand4827d ago

If you click the read full review link it will take you to the story, and you cna see for yourself it is two out of four.

This link http://www.pushsquare.com/a... tells you what each square means.

1 = Poor
2 = Alright
3 = Good
4 = Amazing

zero_cool4827d ago (Edited 4827d ago )

That's pretty poor rating system in all honesty!

hellzsupernova4827d ago

oh fair enough. if they get accepted into metacritic its going to screw with there scores really badly lol

Tommykrem4827d ago

I think some reviewers don't want too much focus on the score, but on the review. Reviews are subjective, and when you sum up subjective opinions in numbers it's easy to see why some developers want their readers to just read the review before they go on a rant about the game... but yeah, the 4 point system sucks. I'd prefer if they had no rating system at all.

rezzah4827d ago

Played the demo and its was....boring. For me of course, it just wasn't my type of game is all.