PSN!: More listings for Splinter Cell HD Collection

OJGames (Spain) lists Splinter Cell HD Collection for PS3 at 37,99€.

The release date is not available this time.

Another listing to add to the previous UK retailers like Zavvi or TheHut and, of course, Amazon.

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tunaks12992d ago

god, no more hd collections >:(
make new games!

MariaHelFutura2992d ago

I`d rather have Chaos Theory in HD then another SC:Conviction.

Blaze9292992d ago


if this continues, i fear we'll be seeing a huge increase in this remakes.

All_4_One2992d ago

What is there to fear exactly? I`m playing the Sly Collection right now and it`s beautiful. Combine that with added mini-games, trophies, 3D and MOVE support and I don`t see the problem.

If you look at Sony`s lineup, it`s CLEAR that HD collections are not their new focus, rather another branch of badass ways to play PS3.

Jigsaw-2992d ago

i don't think you will see many collections. you know different dev's make these ports right? Not the original makers,so i don't think you will see many.

showtimefolks2992d ago

there are so many gamers who kissed many great games on ps2 because there were just way too many to choose from

GOW HD collection sold over 2 million most new games don't even do those numbers

jak and dexter series
gta 3,vc and sa also bully
prince of persia

IRetrouk2992d ago

bully was done for 360, they could port that? ico and sotc is the big one for me, my no1 and no2 fave games, the only other games that come close to them for me is GT.


Wonder if this games will have Multiplayer available also.

SyphonFilter2992d ago

if it happens then no,i don't think they will open servers for that.


So, Ubisoft will remove an important feature?

SyphonFilter2992d ago

well for one i don't think many will play it and also it just doesn't make sense.

MariaHelFutura2992d ago


Chaos Theorys MP was Amazing. I`d play it more than alot of current online games.

MariaHelFutura2992d ago

Chaos Theory MP was/is/will be the BOMB!!!

jack_burt0n2992d ago

I have a feeling the ubi collections will not hold up to the standard set by the first party stuff, hope I am wrong, also be interesting to see if these are using pc assets.


I was just thinking about that too... PoP, now SC... They seen like they are in a rush to make money without having the trouble to develop a new game. That's not what HD remakes are supposed to be about.

TrevorPhillips2992d ago

I would love to see my favorite stealth game come back with HD graphics :D

Splinter Cell Pandora tomorrow and Chaos Theory were my favorite

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The story is too old to be commented.