Big Download: Lost Planet 2 Review

Ultimately, it doesn't matter that Lost Planet 2 has amazing graphics, massive boss battles, and some great multiplayer features. All the design missteps add up and all but take away the joy of playing. Perhaps the game would be better served if it were available as a discounted multipack, so other friends could join in, but that wouldn't make up for the annoying gameplay. There's a decent action game buried under all the design flaws, but players have to dig deep to find it, and the reward isn't worth the effort.

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CombineElite2900d ago

Lots and Lots of Tessellation in this game and the graphics are actually very good, too bad the game play totally sucks.

Capcom is on to something with the PC version, I just hope they make Lost Planet 3 but fix all the dreaded faults of LP2. Very happy with the graphics versus the normal DX9 crap ports from other developers.