Top 10 Coolest Co-op Games

Friends who play together, stay together. Here's 10 of the best ways to chill -- virtually-- with your best buds.

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MK_Red4093d ago

Aer they out of their minds? How could they forget about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade and 3?
And more importantly and ZOMG, no Contra!!????

And they also should have included TimeSplitters 2 & 3.

achira4093d ago

this list is to xbox influenced. there are a lot of games which are better and not on the list, e.g. rainbow6, resistance.

PS360PCROCKS4092d ago

lol @ Resistance...yeah ok Achira, Resistance is so lame, I don't like that game at all...Full Auto 2 is the only game for my roommates PS3 that I could actually not want to throw the controller or not be bored out of my mind with.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4093d ago

Where are:

Call of Duty 1
Call of Duty 2
Battlefield 2
Counter Strike
Guild Wars
Warcraft 3
Quake 3
and more.

MrSwede4093d ago

Agreed! Especially with Warcraft 3. It´s in my opinion one of the best coop games ever. And we need more coop games on consoles!! I can´t wait for Wolfenstein. I played Wolfenstein coop on xbox and it was very good.

The BS Police4092d ago

It doesn't have a co-op mode.

MK_Red4093d ago

Good points. R6 Vegas and BattleField 2 definitly deserve to be there. But my biggest grip is still original Contra, the father of co-op and still one of the best and most enjoyable.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4093d ago

R6: Vegas is good but it feels like a remake of CS :S

Also I had Contra on MicroGenius but never played 2 players :| lol

MK_Red4093d ago

You had Contra NES and ever played co-op :O

Frances-the-Mute4093d ago

contra, ninja turtle in time, timesplitters 2......that a weak list

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The story is too old to be commented.