6 hours worth of reasons to buy Mass Effect on PS3

Sarcastic Gamer - Back in August — that long ago? Seriously? — EA took the crown at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany by announcing that Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 was coming to the PS3 in January of 2011. From the moment the game was announced I called it a “victory for all gamers” since the Mass Effect series is, by and large, one of the best of the last decade.

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-Mezzo-2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

A month ago i received an Xbox 360 and was plaining on getting both games on 360, since i can get a used copy for very cheap, but this 6 Hours extra thing made me wait for the PS3 version.

Now once it gets released, i'll buy the PS3 version & get a used copy of Mass Effect 1 on Xbox 360.

Win All Over.

Neckbear2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

The choices and paths you picked on the first game went over the second, something REALLY cool once you experienced it.

JoySticksFTW2987d ago

If you don't have an 360, get on PS3. The interactive comic will give you the ability to make the major choices of ME1 to branch over to ME2.

But what non-360 owners will be missing is all of the minor character interaction & dilemmas(if you took the time to do the side quests) from in ME1, and how your actions play out in ME2.

It's pretty thrilling to run into some of those characters to see how those scenarios all played out.

And really... reading about something isn't the same as going through it yourself. You get really connected to some characters - like your crew who you fight beside and interact with the whole game. This connection to your friends - as well as your rebel or savior status -can weigh heavily on the decisions you make and the options you have available to avoid dire consequences when some of the tougher choices come along.

And lastly, there are touches like the "rich" perk, which grants you a whole heap of credits and such, if you had a rich character at the end of ME1. Comes in really handy at ME2's beginning

Hey, I love my PS3 too, but the 360 (or PC obviously) is the way to go in this case if you have the option.

If you only have a PS3, you might consider watching a playthrough of ME1 on youtube or something, so you at least get to see some of these situations in action. I just don't see capturing all of the non-main storyline paths and choices in one comic, to have them play out in ME2. The main choices certainly can.

Now a comics series with all of the side story choices released weekly/monthly on PSN would be cool

Christopher2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

You could buy a copy of ME2 now for ~$20 and spend ~$30 on all the DLC and get pretty much the same thing. So, if you can get this on the 360, it's going to cost you less in the long run.

I'm not trying to persuade people from going one way or another, but if price is your big determinant, then the 360 is still cheaper. Added onto that you can play straight through ME1 and 2 on the same platform. I've played ME1 on 360 and PC and ME2 on PC. I won't regret getting ME2 on my PS3 next year since it's my primary console and I want to make sure I have a few saves to go with into ME3 when it releases on all platforms.

What we don't know is about the exclusive DLC for the PS3, if any. It seems like it will mostly be some 'replacement' DLC to make up for DLC that is exclusive to the PC/360.

Vortex3D2988d ago

EA is currently having discount and ME2 on X360 is available for $15.

bananlol2988d ago

Only a handful of choices really matter though, and they still doesnt affect the game in any major way. Id say blame ea because they didnt want to decrease the potential userbase in favour of a more dynamic experience.

killer_tornado2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I dont care that much for choices as much as for experience..

You definitely get a different experience if u have played ME 1 on pc or xbox.. Thats all

Case in point Shadow broker Dlc - Shephard Jokes to liara about "Remember those days, how we usd to slap medigel on everything"

Many people wont get that joke and so many other references..

Second its just one thing to select decisions, many ps3 owners will simply make the decisions through comic mission, but never experience the reason to make those certain decisions.

for eg. the first time i played ME1 i let ashley die, coz i felt she was a bit racist, but the second time i played the game i realised that because of the first contact war at shanxi, her grand-father became the infamous ONLY human commander to surrender to Aliens. So it was easy enough to unsderstand her reasons and i kinda felt kaidan was a bit whinny so i let him die..

3rdly they will miss the awesome plot points
- first human spectre
- First speech as commander of the Normany
- Thorian
- Virmire ashley/kaidan
- Wrex's paradox
- First meet with Soveriegn
- ilos vigil meet
- Ending sequences

- land on moon just to watch earth :)

I am not putting down ME2 on ps3, i m urging ps3 owners to play 1st part on a PC or xbox(if u own) to atleast get to know why are u making those decisions..

you can watch youtube or read wiki but it will never be the same as playing Commander shephard in ME1 and the very reason of making those decisions in the first place :)

DigitalRaptor2988d ago

This 6-hour thing isn't exclusive gameplay. There will be none.

It's the DLC that is already on 360/PC and content on the Cereberus Network. The only thing that will be exclusive is the Dark Horse comic introduction to Mass Effect 1 - and that is a timed exclusive to PS3 players.

Silly gameAr2988d ago

So what? Doesn't make it any less cool.

georgeenoob2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I beat that game and enjoyed its fullest about 9 months ago, and PS3 is getting it several months from now?

That's like if MW2 released just now. Who would want to play games a year after their initial release?

Silly gameAr2988d ago

People who didn't play it when it was released? You're a bright one aren't you?

Christopher2988d ago

The funny thing is that I own MW2 but haven't opened it to play it yet. Got it when it hit $24. I play old games all the time.

PimpHandHappy2988d ago

i also still play Warhawk

just because a game is old does not mean its not worth playing.

I have never played ME and let me tell you something... IT was the only game i wanted to play on 360 and almost had me buying one, almost...

bananlol2988d ago

Me2 doesnt have multiplayer so comparing it to mw2 is kinda stupid.

makingdamage2988d ago

I would! That way I can play the game without giving ms any money.

JoySticksFTW2987d ago

It didn't ruin the experience one bit

Now for MMO's or Online shooters when everyone is already pro a year later, you might have a point

but not for ME

I don't get to buy a lot of games day one. Just my absolute must haves. Too many games to play already. Trying to shrink my backlog

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trancefreak2988d ago

I saw me2 for 10 dollars at blockbuster video used. I really wanted to get it but something told me to hang tight for the ps3 version.

If the ps3 version is 60 bucks ill just go with the 2 xbox versions for the savings and + ill be broke after xmas.

I would also rather save my money towards gt5 and kz3 and some other exclusives.

BillOreilly2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

You know ea said that isnt true right. There is no 6 hour mission just a comic book to cover the first game. Honestly the ps3 is the WORST console for rpgs this gen. I thought it would be different but the only good rpg is demons souls.

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PaPa-Slam2988d ago

Pfft, Mass Effect 2............................. ................. > IT'S F**KING GAME OF THE YEAR.

Its awesome that PS3 gamers could get top experience the Awesomeness that is Mass Effect 2.

rekof2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

It is a really good game,.. but
Not my game of the year, a long shot,.. played it on Pc,.. got bored quickly ,..Amanda is hot though,.. And that chick on the bridge,.. hope you get to bang her,..I guess I did not progress that far,.. got all ocd scanning the planets (which is the dumbest f*** shit ever,.. Like wtf am I doing,.. been playing this stupidest minigame ever, for hours, to upgrade ship and shit,..), the point, I forgot about the storyline,.. will run it right now since I have it on the hard-drive,..It is good, but you need ''dedication'' ,..

@toaster,.. No that was not the reason,.. Just that flirting seemed the most fun part of the game,.. lololo,.. not enough of an rpg for me,.. and to average of a shooter,.. But some places are really immersion packed,..

toaster2988d ago

If you were playing the game in hopes of banging chicks then you're doing it wrong..

gillri2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

ME2 is GOTY, it really is THAT good, not sure why your getting disagree's n4gboy

most unbiased gamers would say the same, just like biased gamers will see what I read, think im a fanboy and disagree with me..of course they would be wrong in that assumption

it pretty common knowledge that ME2 will get GOTY from ALOT of sites a metascore of 96% is evidence of that

ico922988d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is currently the highest rated game this year with a metascore of 97/98 chances are thats gonna take GOTY this year

Weaksauce11382988d ago

You didn't play it long enough to realize it's Miranda and not Amanda. Yea, your opinion is solid and worthy of recognition

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dtrain212988d ago

Its better to buy ME 1 and 2 for 360 so you can have the best experience and port over your character and choices over

-Mezzo-2988d ago

But i guess if i buy it on 360, i'll have to buy all the DLC separately.

SmokexFFx2988d ago

Naw, I bet the 360 GotY edition comes out the same day as PS3 release.

VersusEM2988d ago

some people can't buy the me1

NYC_Gamer2988d ago

the comic book feature should cover all the choices

ActionBastard2988d ago

Better to buy a buggy 360 game or use an interactive comic and make the same "big" choices? Hmmm...I'll go with the PS3.

gamingisnotacrime2988d ago

dont take away from what is there.
imagine ME1 and 2 in one BluRay disc, dont say that is not a btter option because it is by a milestone

Weaksauce11382988d ago

Why not just read a comic and wait for ME3? It's the better option right? Oh and most people believe 1>2 as an RPG. Nice attempt at self denial though

ActionBastard2988d ago

I've played ME1 (check my tag) and if I can skip ridiculous loading and Mako planet searching boredom...I will.

Blacktric2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

You didn't even play the first Mass Effect on 360 properly aren't you? And making stupid comments like these to get some agrees and bubbles from ignorant idiots on N4G. Good for you. There aren't any major technical flaw in Mass Effect except framerate drops in some areas. Play and finish it first, and then bitch about it.

Checked your gamercard, 175/1250. You really played a lot to make a comment like that. Bravo.

Edit: Oh you kids with your 10 year old brains. It's really fun to watch how easily you can get agitated and start attacking others.

ct032988d ago

Being able to land on planets and actually drive around made the game feel a lot more epic than the very constricted level based approach of the second game.

Also, scanning planets in a silly minigame for hours isn't what I call entertaining. And you have to do it if you want better equipment.

ActionBastard2988d ago

I played what I could tolerate, if you don't like it, take a knee and open your mouth. The game was fun, but not the second coming. Again, if I can get the best of it in an interactive comic and play ME2, that's my choice.

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gillri2988d ago

yes SmokexFFx I thought that also, altohugh a huge ME fan like me cant wait for that

I must have it there and then

gamerdude1322988d ago

Bioware disappointed me after they went away from Knights of the Old Republic style gameplay. Sadness...

SeraphimBlade2988d ago

So you want all of their games to play the same?

Even so, Dragon Age is fairly similar from what I've played of the two, try that out.

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