G4TV: Morning Hangover: Kinect Regret?

G4TV: "I don't know if it was the enthusiastic response around the office, the blush of new technology, or a successful marketing campaign, but I bought a Kinect yesterday. I happily hooked the device up to my 360, flawlessly set it up, calibrated it and played Kinect Adventures with my kid. In 20 minutes or so, we were both bored.

As our reviews have pointed out, the technology is amazing. The thing works as advertised. But now what?"

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Cyrus3652897d ago

Sounds like the wii to me, fun at first...then bored out of your mind. But hey Wii sold like hot cakes and made nintendo a billion dollars so if Microsoft had similar success I doubt they care.

rekof2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I think it will be much worse,..
Wii still has core games,..
There are a couple of titles I've spent 100+ hours in them and had fun all the way (Zelda,Galaxy,Super Paper Mario..)
I generally don't play it much (like at least last 6 months), because of the whole SD shit and the lack of hardcore games,.. Really wish it had more Resi4 type of games,..

I don't know ,.. Really hope that the people who bought it, get enough enjoyment out of it ,.. but like I said many times, put it mildly, me it is just an incredibly overpriced eye toy,..


darthv722897d ago

it is like any new console with limited launch titles. You seen them and just want more. More will come. Games for the casual and hardcore players. It is just a matter of patience.

Weaksauce11382897d ago

Yea cause nintendos core games at launch were a pack in game and a gamecube Zelda game which most reviewers said was worse on wii. Are you trying to put Nintendos 4 year library vs Kinects 6 day library? Good luck.

OmarsAccount2897d ago

Honestly, does anyone think that the Xbox brand will morph into a casual system?
You, me, and Microsoft all know that tens of millions of people bought the XBox for its core titles, do you think Microsoft will abandon all their customers, all of their profit? Especially since most core gamers will purchase Xbox LIVE, add-ons, arcade games, and will even buy alot more games.

Seriously, even in the worst case scenario, the Xbox will become a more rounded system with core and casual; I doubt MS will completely switch sides. They'd take risky chances on losing too much profit anyhow.

Si_852897d ago

I don't remember anyone stating that Twilight Princess was worse on Wii, on the contrary, many reviewers praised the Wii-specific features such as IR targeting for the hookshot and bow & arrow as being superior to C-stick aiming.

On Wii core franchises such as Zelda, Metroid Prime and Resident Evil benefited from IR aiming and games such as Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart successfully utilized motion controls. There are even FPS (the 360 staple diet) on Wii.

Most important of all, it does these games in conjunction with an ANALOG STICK and BUTTONS when necessary.

The problem is that regardless of how long you wait, you will never have the XBOX core franchises using Kinect because it is not suitable for anything beyond stationary or on-rails game-play.

Move>Wii>Kinect for core-title games.

N4WAH2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

And this is what "most" 360 owners that are not "fanboys" have been saying all along but being accused of everything but being 360 gamers just because they are honest.

Yes the device works but the games have limited appeal and are catered towards casual gamers. After 20 or 30 minutes you move on to the next game, rinse repeat and on to the next game.

I see so many complaints from people saying </ game A> is not worth full MSPR because it's too short, no replay value, limited content, etc. But Kinect games are worth $50 dollars? Most of them have the replay value of a downloadable demo.

The problem is this device most likely will never be able to do complex games with out the use of a standard controller or a wand / navigation device. If that was to happen, what would have been the point of this device in the first place?

Sorry but some of you might be happy that it's doing well in sales (the holy grail of N4G) but it is NOT for "most" of the core 360 user base and most likely it never will be as a stand alone device.

Most of the people I know that bought it feel this "The thing works as advertised. But now what?" way. I don't see that changing any time soon.

ravinash2897d ago

The way I see it, MS will be focusing on developing for Kenect for the casual market and will be leaving the hardcore to the 3rd parties.
But MS don't have that many 1st party Devs, so i wouldn't imagine it would be a big difference.

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ceedubya92897d ago

1st party games, 3rd party games. Its not like 360 owners NEED Kinect to play core games. They've already been playing them, and will continue to do so. Kinect is an add-on, and not an all-in-one gaming solution. Its something different for those looking for something different.

AceofStaves2897d ago

Exactly. It's a peripheral that adds a different gaming experience.

Biggest2897d ago

Okay, wait. Is it like a new console launch, which is what Microsoft has been saying (darthv72 drank that Kool-Aid), or is it simply an over priced peripheral that needs a Move-like transformation to make it a viable gaming controller?

Sarcasm2897d ago

So let me get this straight, first "Kinect" is touted as something that's going to revolutionize the gaming industry, but now it's "just an add-on."

Pick an excuse people.

If someone spends $150 on Kinect, they better have better games and support for it. It's not like people are saying "Oooh yes I got a Kinect. Okay I'll just let it sit there and go play Gears of War instead."

jessupj2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

It's just a pity MS has mostly abandoned their loyal core customers by releasing next to no new exclusives in the near future.

It will be interesting to observe if we see a huge number of 360 fans finally give in and migrate to the PS3. Personally, I don't see it happening though.

N4WAH2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Okay I got one!
*to self, think, think, THINK!*
Umm, well there's....
Umm, Oh okay, I got it! It's.... ummm. :/
Oh bite me Sarcasm. I'm all out of excuses. I got nothing! You ahppy now? /s

It's not the 360 fans migrating to the PS3 that will be the issues but the people just getting into this generation late. MS can advertise Kinect and multiplatform titles any way they choose but exclusives do matter. This is where Kinect is make or break for MS from here on out. Who will purchase more consoles? The educated consumer or easily swayed by hype and misleading commercial consumer?

The PS3 has way more exclusive games coming out for the mainstream and hardcore from here on out. MS opted for a camera motion controller (spending billion plus on it) instead of studio support for new IP's and taking their exclusives to another level. Sony created a motion controller that will work for everything but they still have a plethora of games FOR ALL coming out that you can't play on any other format. Move is an option for nearly all games but Kinect isn't.

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PS360PCROCKS2897d ago

I bought a Wii not long after it came out. I played Metroid, Zelda, mario, mario kart, resi evil 4 and than i said the same thing "what now" I went to the store and couldn't find anything worth trying out. it was all weird japanese, movie based or child games.

gigaware2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I think you're the first out right flamer contributer. Something about Kinect really pisses you off. You spend 24/7 looking for Kinect articles.

bviperz2897d ago

And you are must be the defender. Oh the irony.

Keith Olbermann2897d ago

I knew the Wii..and you sir..are no Wii.

Jaces2897d ago

I think the hype has a lot to do with the adverts and new tech. Sure it can read your movements with 1:1 tracking, you can jump, dance, bowl, throw stuff, etc....

Now that's fun and all for a little bit but I'm waiting for something that truly takes advantage of Kinects capabilities. But for now it's jump, jump, lean.

I want some games that are going to make me go "Wow, that's cool"

Cyrus3652897d ago

Those games you mention as hardcore wii games weren't available at lanuch of the wii either. Some of those titles came much later.

Cyrus3652897d ago

Those games you mention as hardcore wii games weren't available at launch of the wii either. Some of those titles came much later.

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big_silky2897d ago

the same could be said for any piece of technology. i was excited as hell to finally get a droid but after a couple days the novelty wore off. this isn't merely a kinect issue, what are move owners doing?

Myth2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I don't about you but I'm getting fit with Mel B

shoddy2897d ago

on topic

at least the Wii cost $200 instead of $200 for xbox and $150 for kinect.

JacobIsHollywood2897d ago

Haha. I get fit with Mel B every day! It's the best exercise game out there!

A Cupcake for Gabe2897d ago

Plus $200 for the xbox and $150 for the Kinect is the start. You still have no HDD which is another 60-150.

And the Move titles range from $10-$40, and many, if not all upgrades on core titles are free.

Kinect games alone are $50. And joy ride and fighters are some of the shallowest titles to date.

2897d ago
Moonboots2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I'm playing Kinect Adventures, Dance Central, Kinect Sports with the family and also starting to get into Your Shape Fitness.

As a Move owner I play the heck out of Sports Champions, Move Party and the kids have played EyePet but it sits a lot of the time now with Kinect in the house because it is newer.

This person sounds like the typical short attention span gamer with no patience. He got the device knowing well what titles are available maybe he shouldn't have been an early adopter. He can also return it, but my guess is he wont because he likes it and knows the road ahead will have lots of Kinect stuff.

The argument about price and bringing up the cost of the Xbox and Kinect is not one people want to bring up unless they want to acknowledge it's even worse in the PS3 situation. I say this because many see Move as a Wii clone(call it non-gamer ignorance) and the fact you have to buy a $299 PS3 + Move Starter Pack at $99 and then if you want a second player it's another Move controller for $50 and then if you want a Nav that is another $24 bucks.

Of course there are bundles but I don't think PS3 comes with 2 Moves so you are going to have to buy another one if you want to play 2 player games.

Anyway, that is off-topic but you don't want to go there.

jerethdagryphon2897d ago

resting my shoulder i tend to over throw in discgolf.... im crap at that game

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StarScream4Ever2897d ago

FPS gaming with MAG on occasion, I'm pulling off more headshots than I do with DS3. :D

PS360PCROCKS2897d ago

Yeah but the droid is awesome, so what's your point?

DevastationEve2897d ago

Droid's come in many configs, so it really depends on which you got. The Android OS is what you see when using the phone, but then again without HTC's Sense UI or Motorolla's Blur or 3G or a Snapdragon processor it's not much.

Such devices are usually the work of many companies, there's the handset manufacturer then the system/platform it runs and then the service provider for use on a cellular network.

PS360PCROCKS2897d ago

Lol thanks for the history lesson ;) he said Droid, so I was just referring to THE droid, moto droid. I have one it's a great phone. lol + bubs though for a good response, well said.

Close_Second2897d ago

...of Flight Control HD using Move. That game alone shows just how accurate the move controller is.

Asher6ix2897d ago

I wouldn't worry what I am doing with my Move, but start worrying more about where all your bubbles went.

hot4play2897d ago

Sports Champions with friends.
Start the Party with the kids.
RE5 Gold before I sleep. :P

Next year it's Killzone 3, Socom4, and Sorcery! :p

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Moonboots2897d ago

The fact you got 6 disagrees for that true statement is the reason I am done commenting on this topic. This is just another conversation that has been brought down to the lowest form of life there is.. the fanboy..

jessupj2897d ago

Actually it goes rabid man-hating feminists, then politicians, then fanboys.

acere2897d ago

give it time we will see it flop

UnRated2897d ago

I don't get it. I got the Kinect 4 days ago and I have played with for at least half an hour each day. How did this guy get bored and moved on to Black OPS is beyond me. I just got Black Ops today; ran into a major glitch on the first mission and shut it off.

Thats my GamerTag if you don't believe me.

The Kinect is genuine fun; thats something that's missing from most games these days. The last time I had any real fun playing a game was when I played Mario Galaxy.

yeracnivek712897d ago

It's really rather obvious why this guy feels this way. HE BOUGHT COD:BLACK OPS.

Anyone who'd rather play a cookie-cutter, glitch-ridden FPS, rather than spend more time with their new tech gadget, obviously isn't very smart.

Solid_Snake2897d ago

opposed to an overpriced piece of hardware that has little games, some faults, and nothing else but a person jumping around?

To each their own. But don't rag on someone's decisions when yours may not be so great. I recall something about not casting stones...

Sarcasm2897d ago

Well said Solid_Snake, well said. To some people, prancing around like an idiot isn't their idea of fun.

N4Great2897d ago

Just buy a ps3, you'll find many other way to have fun too.

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