Halo 3: Who cares? - 5 Reasons We Should Not Care for Halo 3 -

GameDaily writes:
"Who cares?
With over 1.5 million preorders, an aggressive marketing campaign and plenty of hype, Halo 3 is just as important as Brunswick Bowling. Ok, that's not entirely true. We dug the beta, and playing through the single player campaign alongside three buddies can be a fun time, but we refuse to drink the Kool-Aid for the following reasons..."

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MK_Red4066d ago

The truth is that Halo fans will get H3 no matter what and non-Halo fans won't get Halo 3 no matter what.

Of all reasons, I believe the first one is no issue here since hopefully there is a superb and perfect ending this time around.

cloud3604066d ago

No one cares about Halo 3:

Coz its an FPS

crazyman4066d ago

Cloud, that was quite possibly the most stupid comment I have ever read.

How would being part of one of the most popular genres make a game unpopular.

JsonHenry4066d ago

I have always felt Halo was over rated. But that doesn't mean the game is so bad that it is not a fun experience either.

Doesn't matter, the BEST FPS experience coming to the Xbox360 this year is going to be the Half-Life 2 Orange Box collection.

Bonsai12144066d ago

i'd like to see people actually review the game based on its quality (like game daily said) instead of giving it a 10 just because its halo, like i know many publications did

reaferfore204066d ago

I agree. Half Life has always felt more in-depth in their storytelling, and their multiplayer rocks my socks off. Who knows though, Halo 3 might blow the doors off of the first two. If it does I'll be very happy.

Scrooge4066d ago

I just finished the Halo 2 campaign again last night for nostalgia's sake and for my own hype. It was a good story and had compelling gameplay, I don't see why anyone dogged on it. Can't wait for halo 3.

N4Gworks4Sony4066d ago

only a sony fanboy would not want halo3 , i could understand if they were talking about halo2 cause im one of the only halo fans that thinks that the single player campaign was better in halo1 than in halo2 but man halo3 is looking sooooeeeeet!

N4Gworks4Sony4066d ago

only a sony fanboy would not want halo3 , i could understand if they were talking about halo2 cause im one of the only halo fans that thinks that the single player campaign was better in halo1 than in halo2 but man halo3 is looking sooooeeeeet!

N4Gworks4Sony4066d ago

only a sony fanboy would not want halo3 , i could understand if they were talking about halo2 cause im one of the only halo fans that thinks that the single player campaign was better in halo1 than in halo2 but man halo3 is looking sooooeeeeet!

Ri0tSquad4066d ago

I probaly wont play it until this xmas because its an fps and its like halo2 which wasn't on my favorite xbox game list.

MikeGdaGod4065d ago

i trid them a few times but it never interested me. i'm not a big fan of FPS anyway.

when i bought me 360 people were shocked when i told them i didn't plan on playing Halo ever. i guess cus all the people i knew that really loved the game were SUPER nerds. kinda turned me off by association.

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Zhuk4066d ago

poorly written article that searches for even poorer reasons to hate on Halo.

ShiftyLookingCow4066d ago

yep another load of bull, worst is that their Halo 2 review was premature.

Bloodmask4066d ago

when I see articles posted like this. Spread the hate all you want. Halo 3 will sell millions of copies anyway come September 25.

The 360s will be flying off the shelves. No other release this year wil even come close to topping it.

MrSwede4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

I think you´re right. I never cared for the Halo games but I know it´ll be huge. Let´s not hope too many 360´s will brake playing it though.

Edit: WTF? I meant what I said, I wasn´t trying to piss anyone off. Halo will be a huge thing right? And there has been a discussion on another news topic about the fact that 360´s might overheat or at least chances will be higher while playing Halo 3 and I´m seriously hoping they won´t have that problem! I´m sorry for pissing people off, I guess I should´ve put it another way.

InMyOpinion4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

And let's hope PS3 owners don't have to spend too many nights lonely in a darkened room thinking about what they could have been playing if they had invested half of the money they spent on their console on a 360 instead ;)

I just had to, your comment was just as silly!

BTW, Johnny Holm är en jävla pajas!

Vertius4066d ago

Yes, I definitely sense fear from some people about Halo 3's inevitable success. I see fear quite often in Xbot comments, so I know it when I see it.

lawman11084066d ago

Halo 3, Bio shock and Mass effect all ONLY on 360........oh and a price drop looks like good news for the 360.

stunt2134066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

no other release? halo 3 will make 360 sales fly through the roof it might even beat wii for 2 straight months, but when MGS4 and FFXII comes out for ps3 thats the time ps3 is going to shine.

Daishi4065d ago

I'd agree with you about the MGS, but not so much on FFXIII. I've got several friends that are going to be buying PS3's if MGS doesn't come to 360 (I'm not saying it is, just repeating what others tell me). I think too many people were disapointed by FFXII, and I personaly was too busy playing the remake of FFIII to play it.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4066d ago

Halo is just over hyped franchise. Half Life blows Halo out of the way Halo can't even start with Half Life. For Online I can play games like Counter Strike, Half Life Deathmatch with gravity gun. Battlefield and more.

Its just a normal FPS stop being fan boys. PC is the king of FPS not X360.

Jeremy Gerard4066d ago

You say stop being fanboys, then you have the nerve to type "PC is the king of FPS not X360."

And for the record PC is king of nothing but idiots who pay 4 times as much to play the same games I play on a far bigger screen with far better sound on a far softer seat, for far less money.

3 grand to play Bioshock at the level I play for 279, and buy the time Alan Wake comes out your PC will be obsolete and you will need to spend another 600 bux on a video card to handle it, you PC dudes are brain dead!

jay34066d ago

That's why Halo 1 and 2 are on PC :D

CRIMS0N_W0LF4066d ago

More games and variety
better graphics
better controls
better and free online
better reliablity
Games cheaper
Free Mods
User created content
and more stuff then X360.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4066d ago

Story; In Halo 1 you destroy the Halo stop making up stuff and make a lame story like Halo 2.

Online; Pay to play online. Nothing innotive just medicore over done online. Skins make online even more lame due to lack of stealth.

Atmosphere is just a laugh.

AI is not so good imo.

Enemies get boring.

Slow online play compared to UT

Shallow Characters

Nothing new in FPS

Guitarded4066d ago

HL2 is one of the most boring pieces of crap I ever played. Talk about a stupid ending. What was that crap? Please Halo is fun to play, HL2 isn't nearly so much fun. It is pretty and somewhat interesting, but the fun factor is way low IMO.

lawman11084066d ago

For FPS but to get them to run on the pc with the cards and Mem that you need it is just too much money. I like the fact you just put the disc in the 360 and it runs. It's funny that the only good game on the PS3 is fall of man.

ArmrdChaos4066d ago

MS would patch to include keyboard/mouse support through USB for the 360. I know there are PROs out there that are just as good on a controller but I prefer to go with what I am used to...keyboard/mouse all the way.

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FirstknighT4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Halo is the king of console FPS and their is nothing that any game can do about it. Halo 2 is the reason why online gaming is so big. The multiplayer maps with the science fiction touch are the best maps on any FPS (Lockout anyone?) Not just another FPS with war torn streets. First game to smoothly go to first person view to third person view when entering a vehicle. One of the very few games that have BOTH incredible story and incredible multiplayer. You have the best metals that make it so much fun...Double kill, Triple Kill, Killtacular, Kiltrocity, Killamanjero, Killionaire, etc... One of the best games for tactical gaming, and not just another fragfest. I can go on and on about the pros of Halo..
There are 3 types of FPS...

1. War shooters: Call of Duty, Metal of Honor, Killzone, Resistance, Counterstrike, etc...

2. Close combat in hallways: Bioshock, Quake, Unreal, Prey, Fear, Doom, etc...

3. And Halo

All the hating on this site will not stop the Halo juggernaut from destroying anything that the ps3 will offer for years to come.

People that diss Halo never give any reasons...just Halo sux! State your reasons.

Allaroundgamer...your post is full of denial.

And for those tools that think Halo 2 was crappy...

4066d ago
FirstknighT4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

I have also played the PC version of Halo and it wasn't the same as the console version. Let me tell you I used to be a rabid PC shooter player. I started with Counterstrike - Wolfenstein - Battlefield 1942- Soldier of Fortune - Blackhawk Down - Unreal 2004. I played Unreal 2004 to death. Loved the game. I remember my excitement when I first got a Holy Sh*t Kill. (Unreal players know what I'm talking about) Well anyway, I used to bash on console shooters because I was a PC guy. The first time I tried Halo 2 online I was seriously hooked. The best online experience ever. Nothing really comes close. Not even Unreal 2004.

immortal_cries4066d ago

Since you asked. I was going to keep quiet though. Just as you say we cant list reasons why its not great (which we can, and we will), Id say the same. All i hear is Halo is sooo damn great. Thats it. Ill give you my reasons why I dont like it as long as you give me reasons why You love it. Fair?

1. Story. Eh, good concept but there is no real depth. Depth makes or breaks a game in my eyes. 2 games in and im wondering what is the deal with everything. Like those little pink midgits. What are they, where did they come from. Do they have any connection to the other strange purple and red guys? lol. They are funny though, ill give you that. Oh, and where is the replay value? Its been a while, but I dont remember having any good reason to replay it, ever.

2. If you couldnt tell, I have a problem with the color scheme. Pinks and purples can be good, but why couldnt they tone the colors down. It was like candyland all over again. Graphics went bad realy, but the color made it feel so much less serious.

3. Online wasnt that bad, but being a fan of single stories, this doesnt much matter to me. Unreal Tournament, now... dont ask me why, but thats the only online FPS I enjoy.

4. People say its so original. Huh? Its the first FPS i ever played, but not the first ive seen. What did it reinvent? Maybe I missed it (im only being partly sarcastic). Theres alot of new and interesting concepts in Haze... what concept is halo3 bringing that hasnt been seen before?

Its mediocre in my eyes. Nothing to adore, by far. My only animosity towards Halo is the way people talk it up, but I cant find any validity. Like defending a fat mama joke when your mama is fat. I dont mean to talk ****, but what am I seriously missing? Theres my half.

4066d ago
reaferfore204066d ago


soccerluv4066d ago

I know what you mean. The color palette is way to colorful. I mean what is up with all this sci-fi stuff that has to be so colorful? Movies too. That is why I only like black and white movies. I get tired of all these pastel colored sci fi flicks.

Guess thats why I like Killzone and Resistance. Pretty close to a black and white flick as I can get.

Classics baby!

GnaM4065d ago

I like Halo, but I don't think it's the best ever. The plot is more involved than many FPS, but that's not saying much. Once the covenant all starting speaking English in Halo 2, things started getting way too campy, like Star Wars Episodes 1-3.

Gameplay-wise, I think what Halo does best is offer a combat system that's relatively complex and deep while still being slow paced enough that n00bs can pick it up and do well. However, it's not really as refined as it could be; Halo 1 had huge balance and weapon design issues, and in an effort to fix that in Halo 2 they dumbed down the game too much and create more ever worse balance issues. It's like with Halo 2 they went from the FPS equivalent of Soul Calibur to the FPS equivalent of DOA.

In the campaign, the AI had never really been as good as it could be, and makes easily fixable stupid mistakes (I know because I've fixed them myself in mods). I tends to feel like the AI actually got dumber in Halo 2, and the mission designs got more mediocre...sure the game was playable, but not really replayable. Whereas all of Halo 1 other than the Library is pretty fun to replay again and again, in Halo 2 I find I only the first level, Outskirts, Delta Halo, and maybe one other level.

All in all, I expect Halo 3 to be pretty fun (plan on buying it with a 360 as soon as I have the spare cash), and it will probably be one of the best shooters on 360 for a while next to Bioshock, but I think most of the people who really think Halo is the total be-all-end-all of FPS just haven't played enough FPS (particularly PC FPS) and thus are easily impressed.

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