TGS Review: Superstars V8 Racing

TGS reviews Superstars V8 Racing. Is this the game to hold you over until Gran Turismo 5?

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jimineyscrickets4770d ago

even if the visuals aren't the best. Hopefully this is given a chance by the community.

Controversy4770d ago

Here's hoping it's got a healthy online community.

gameplayingfool4770d ago

I'm tempted but GT5 is coming and, just like the rev says, their are other great racing games out for $20 that may offer more.

Little help?


PALGN: Superstars V8 Racing Review

Superstars V8 Racing is a downloadable title, and therefore not as fleshed out as a retail release. The content is fun and very playable, but may not be worth the price of admission with much bigger racing titles already on the market.

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Superstars V8 Racing Drops To $9.99 (Gameplaybook)

O-Games is handing players out a little gift in time for the holidays- a price slash on the downloadable racing game Superstars V8 Racing!

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GodsHand4734d ago

I might just get it, now that its in the $10 price range. I think most games that come out as a d/l game should be $10 at most $15.

MrWegman4734d ago

Does this game support force feedback wheels?
I may have to give this game a try.

TheDCD4734d ago

It supports Driving Force GT for sure.

showtimefolks4734d ago

i played the l=demo seemed aight what you say good line/offline play is there a career mode?

Balt 4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

The game is alright but it's strange at the same time. I bought it, wanted to at full price but held off for GT5, and now that I did I wish I kind of didn't. I say this because I don't think I'm going to be investing much of my time into it.

Some aspects look better than GT5's, if you can believe that. But the game falls lifelessly flat. And bad. It just doesn't pop or have much going for it. It's a very barebones experiences and for 10 bucks can you expect anything less or else?

The pavement looks more realistic than GT5's, but that doesn't warrant the buy. The damage is better than GT5's, but that doesn't warrant the buy. The controls are standard, but that doesn't warrant a buy.

The whole game feels unfinished to me and rushed. Even the car selection is sloppy. The whole game screams what it doesn't have or offer back in your face.

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PlayStation Store Global Update – December 14, 2010

Each week Sony brings PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games and more. PlayStation LifeStyle catalogs the PlayStation Store updates for the major regions across the globe. Check back every Tuesday and Wednesday to keep up to date with each week’s PlayStation Store Update.

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Taggart4514736d ago

Oh my god Sam and Max....so excited. It may be heresey, but I'm more excited for that than I am DC Universe!

doctorstrange4736d ago

DC Universe looks awesome, can't wait

Chris3994736d ago

I'm way more excited for DCOU though. It's cool to finally see a real (non-Japanese only, as they have some already) MMORPG. I do hope that they give us a digital download option for the game so that I can just upgrade my beta install and skip heading to the store. I haven't bought a physical copy of an MMO in years.

I'm not lazy, but this is one of those situations where I like DD. It's not healthy to play MMOs in large chunks, so I'd like to play a bit, then swap to a disc game or something else. That said, I'll probably play an hour or so of DC a day. So changing discs does get tedious after a while.

T3mpr1x4736d ago

Grr I likely cannot download either, my HDD is too stuffed!!! Need to upgrade my 320 GB to a 750 GB...Also early PS Store update FTW!

BrunoM4736d ago

intaling DC universe right now .... never reslly played a MMO lets see what comes out of these .. from the video i saw yesterday look good it may be my first MMO ,,,,

BiggCMan4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Do you need PS+ for the DCU beta?

EDIT: Thank you T3mpr1x

T3mpr1x4736d ago

@BiggCMan, yes it is exclusive to PS+ members.

BrunoM4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

ooo wow lol only after instaling i see i got to do a 1 hour 27 mins download hahah well a nd i was planing on watching a blue ray wit the missis lol ... well nothing i can do right now so ya let it down load and will see what hapens...

lol damn why didnt they make it so i would be able to download on the background lol...

EDIT: i stop the download after i went from bring a 1h27min to a 5h lol .. il let it download over night haha lol........

Vaud-Villian4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

The download after you get the client is nuts! I just got my next tier from the PS rewards program and I want to download my new stuff but I have to wait till this behemoth stops downloading.

Hope it is good though, my preoder might be affected if it isnt.

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ghostface4736d ago

Just started downloading with 2 hours left:{

ftwrthtx4736d ago

Is anyone else getting an error when they try to download it?

Silly gameAr4736d ago

It's gone from the store now. Must be some kind of problem.

ftwrthtx4736d ago

At least it's not just me then. thanks for the heads up.

Nitrowolf24736d ago

i get the same error code

Limited_Vertigo4736d ago

Yeah, I get an error message then it disappears from the store. If you reload the PSN it shows up again but you still get the error message if you try to download it.

Pretty damn annoying since it's what I've been looking forward to for a while.

BiggCMan4736d ago

Happy Birthday!