Eurogamer: Streets of Rage 2 - Review

Considered by many to be one of the finest side-scrolling brawlers of the 16-bit era, it's a typically brash, uncomplicated and a whole lot of dumb fun for those of you who fancy a relatively untarnished trip down memory lane. Boosted by online co-op play, enhanced (or rather 'smoothed') visuals and the ability to save at any point, it's still a huge amount of fun to punch, kick, stab and whack your way through all eight levels over a course of an hour or so.

Yours for 400 points, it's worth pointing out that it's vastly better value than the unaltered version available on Wii VC since June 1st, which will set you back 800 points..

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MK_Red4068d ago

I remember this classic. My fave was part 3 but it was this game that seriously move the series forward. Both this and part 3 were chicken easy compared to original though.

kewlkat0074068d ago

as well as the sound tracks since I have all of them.

This series rivaled the Final fight series on the SNES, what a real console war that was between Sega and Nintendo.

Too bad, what happened to the brawling GENRE, I have not seen a good Brawler since the fighting force series on PS.

Developers need to wake up.seriously