T3: Xbox Kinect Vs PlayStation Move Review

So, it boils down to the type of gamer you are. At this stage, T3 would plump for the more mature Move but can see the draw of the Kinect for family fun gaming.

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Super-Brad2898d ago

Reviews and people can't compare these to completely different pieces of hardware, they are to different, game-play wise and also set-up.

Kinect is full body control whereas the PSMove is a motion controller, the beginning line is where they should of realised the review was not needed "it boils down to the type of gamer you are." .

If people need to understand what each product are like, it would be better to watch videos of game-play more than reading an opinion.

rdgneoz32898d ago

Kinect is easy to explain, just ask VG Cats.

darthv722897d ago

Everybody is trying to get their word in edgewise. Level headed people know there is a difference but some just want to keep trying to justify them as being the same.

King-Leonidas2898d ago

im just gonna say that one works and the other one doesn't

Nihilism2898d ago

I'm just gonna say that both Sony and M.S are chasing the profits and fickle fools who have been too 'elitist' (lol @ elitism @ 720p) to buy a Wii now want these for their uber hardcore games, yeah same thing, different name.

rekof2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Hm,.. I bought a Wii, have no big problems with it,..except for the lack of Hardcore type of games,.. like RESI4,..and a bit to much ''just waggle'' action,..
And I really love the Move,..So what are you saying?

This in the other hand is only capable of doing expensive Eye-toy games,..and barely works,.. At that price ,.. It is cheaper just to sodomize myself, rather than let MS do it for such a fucking ridiculous price,..

alb18992898d ago

Spartan don't talk without knowing by himself a product!

Yesterday was my first day with kinect en me and my son were having a lot of fun!

I know they can do core games that are not the traditional s games that we use to play just let de idea storm begin.

mcstorm2898d ago

I picked kinect up yesterday in the UK and after everything I have read on this site about kinect not working is not true it works very well and dose not need any more space than the Wii or move dose when playing sports game. The lag people keep going on about I can not see any on the games I have played so far. The only problem I have with kinect is I live in a apartment that one wall is all galss and faces into the Sun and when the Sun is fully shigning into the room kinect can not see me but that is the same for move too. If I had to pick which one was the best in what I have seen from the two so far so I would Say I am more impressed with kinect over move. The games are lacking to take the advantage of the move controller at the moment and when you compare the kinect best games vs move best games the kinect game feel better and nit just had kinect support added to them. I know alot of you won't like what I have said but that's what I think just like you think different.

darthv722897d ago

If we are to extrapolate your comment. You are correct in saying it as one works for the ps3 and the other one doesnt. Or perhaps you were meaning it as, one works for the 360 and the other doesn't.

Bottom line, they both work and neither is perfect. Both have their kinks to be worked out. Not by us mind the developers and how they choose to use these fruits of MS/Sony labor.

I think the real comparative reviews should be on a game that uses both. No more of these apples to onions reviews.

Transporter472898d ago

A Camera takes pictures, a controller has buttons, a camera tracks stuff, a controller you press to do actions with.....oh screw this shit why compare them, one uses body movements the other uses a controller and movements, so screw this shit if one of them tickles your fancy go ahead and buy it, that's all

Transporter472898d ago

Yes buying the one you like is a bad choice after all

Transporter472897d ago

the other one uses the wand, different tracking method

Blitzkid2898d ago

the worst piece of technology in the modern world! 150€ (206$) for a SD Webcam is outrageous! I feel sorry for everyone who affirms something else entirely!

alb18992898d ago

Don't feel sorry for me.....just be proud that you are sooo grreeate and inteligent!

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