Even Radio Shack’s leaked Black Friday 2010 ad has gamer deals

All Black Friday ads tend to appear online way before they’re supposed to, which is why it is unsurprising that even Radio Shack’s 2010 Black Friday ad has been leaked and scanned. It probably isn’t the first place you’d think fo when you’d start looking for video game sales, but the ad does show a few offers you may want to consider while pondering wishlist purchases.

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Christopher2925d ago

I thought they were trying to change their name to just "The Shack"?

And most of those are the standard deals.

$99 Move bundle
$299 320GB PS3
$199 4GB 360

And it looks like PSPs are all being marked down to clean out stock before next year's next model release.

Cheeseknight282925d ago

This will be the third year they have had Dualshock 3s on sale. Nothing new here.