FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Demo Unveiled

Although TeamXbox gave Bizarre Creations' upcoming Project Gotham Racing 4 their award for the best racing game at this summer's slimmed-down Electronic Entertainment Expo, it wasn't a unanimous decision. Dale "Legba" Nardozzi, TeamXbox resident racing game guru, swore that Warner Brothers Interactive's FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage was the best racing game he saw at the show, and that it would really surprise a lot of people. Well, we're happy to announce that gamers are going to be able to check the game out for themselves next week, TeamXbox has learned that a demo will be released on Xbox Live on September 5th. Also TeamXbox has some exclusive gameplay footage and screens to go along with this announcement, so be sure to check them out!

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AcidRhain5171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

I hate how people playing in game videos are terrible at the game.

Waffle-boy5171d ago

A demo of the game is already out...

ShiftyLookingCow5171d ago

agreed that guy totally sucked.

PS360PCROCKS5170d ago

GREAT! I was just talking about this last night while playing Forza I wanted a game with better damage, well not better but more stuff going on with the crashes because I face it I am insane and love watching stuff blow up in games and watching stuff explode and break lol

eLiNeS5170d ago

it looks like something only a PS3 could handle with all the destructible environment and all. This must be coming out for the Xbox 720 or something, there is no way this is the 360!!! LOLOLOL,

This game looks good, surprised it didn't get much attention here on N4G