Gran Turismo 5 Steering Controllers Set for November 25

Do Wheel Releases Hint At GT5 Date?

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Otheros002897d ago

Both of those wheels are already released. Logitech g27 wheel:

Jaybad542897d ago

If you actually read the article, this is the release date for the wheels in japan (which were originally scheduled for november 2nd - games original release date).

So it could hold some promise

Agent-862897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

It makes sense, too. Then, they'll have GT5 out in time for the big Black Friday sales in the US.

Red_Orange_Juice2897d ago

I decided to get the steering wheel LOL, never used it (in games lol), but hell so muc waiting and GT5 will rule everything.

vsr2896d ago

We can win a FREE car from GT5 competition

nix2896d ago

i got one of those... q: and i'm waiting patiently.

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UnwanteDreamz2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I have a G27. Expensive but freaking awesome. I put it back in the box when I heard of the GT5 delay. Don't want to wear it out before it is time.

Edit: LOL I just figured that since it was electronic with moving parts that it might wear out. Are you saying it will last forever? If so, they should use that in the ad as a selling point.

Edit2: They have not said officially. Only that the G27 would be supported. Prologue supported the clutch (think it was patched) so I am very hopefull.

C L O U D2897d ago

How would you wear it out, do you drift a lot? lol

blind-reaper2897d ago

Do you know if GT5 is clutch compatible, because I have been doing research and teh driving force GT does not have a clutch pedal, and as you would know the G27 it does.

Terarmzar2897d ago

It will be because Gt5P had clutch support
It was kinda something u had to figure out yourself or look it up
to do it in GT5p you had to hold the triangle button for your steering wheel when the race was counting up to the start.

jwatt2897d ago

Im so mad they had this wheel on amazon for 99 I should of picked it up.

supremacy2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

i can almost feel its presence, the iconic supremacy of just its name alone will consume many mark my words.

No need for oprahs or pepsi bottles, this game advertises and sells itself. Kevin can take a day off on this one, now i wonder when will my white ps3 is get here. Asia better not be playing with me.

PS3Freak2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

"Crazed man murders 1000, Polyphony Digital to blame"

"He could not wait for GT5 any longer, and just lost it" Says one eye witness.

aaron58292896d ago

i'm on the verge of becoming the "crazed-man"

HeroPsychoDreamer2897d ago

The Driving Force GT has been around for about three years now. Maybe the person writing this article has been frozen in carbonite the last three years.


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