Call of Duty: Black Ops Has How Many Concurrent Players?

The hype for Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops has been incredible, and it seems like the game's launch this week is off to a stellar start. Developer Treyarch has already noted that there were 1 million concurrent users playing the title on Xbox Live in the first hour. Separately, IndustryGamers has observed last night and during the day today around 3.5 million users playing the game on Microsoft's service.

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donniebaseball2992d ago

Wow, if it hit 3.5 million for real, that's nuts! Go Black Ops!

nintenflo2992d ago

I was on xbox live last night and my friends were playing black ops ( i was playin borderlands at the time ) and one of them mentioned that there were over 3 million playing so this is probably acurate.

On black ops... ive only played the multiplayer but i have to say its excellent, the game feels super ballanced, the maps are all interesting, killstreaks are ballanced ( the rc car which i was worried about is even ballnced as you have to choose between using that OR the spy plane(uav) and the spy plane is very usefull in combat so its a hard choice )

I can always tell how well balanced a game is by my KDR, in MW2 it was shocking but in black ops and games like MoH,BFBC1+2 etc its quite good!

T9X692992d ago

"one of them mentioned that there were over 3 million playing so this is probably acurate. "

That would be correct. About an hour or two ago, there was around 3.3 million people on. Right now there's still 2,893,138 players online playing Black Ops. I can see why to, Black Ops is a superb COD game. I've always thought Treyarch made the best COD games (Yes even over COD4) but this game just has so much content and replay ability for $60, when most games don't even carry 1/3 of what Black Ops offers.

gtamike2992d ago

Thats alot of Black Ops (mod of mw2) games sold.

PR0X12992d ago

I was just on there and it was like 3.9million

Bolts2992d ago

This is the online game that MW 2 should've been.

gamerdude1322992d ago

How long will that statement last before the shit hits the fan?

vhero2992d ago

I disagree I got black ops and your trying to justify your purchase i have had both BO and MW2. They are both poor as hell. Also theres practically no differnce online the new cash system is pointless too.

0oAngeluso02992d ago

It hit 3.7 Million last night around 10:30 p.m. est.
I admit, I'm hooked on the game, there isn't any of the issues MW2 had, the maps are pretty solid, guns with no stopping power is a blessing to be honest, it evens things out. This game is well deserving to have that many players.

Paradise Lost2992d ago

i've never seen so many player in 1 game before.

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The story is too old to be commented.