New Resistance 3 info blowout, Capelli can mount vehicular weapons

Gamersmint: We have loads of new Resistance 3 information for our readers and it's full of juicy details about Insomniac's upcoming shooter.

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FrankDrebin2992d ago

They better be better than they have been. These are some ugly games! Barf.

Sorry, I'm a graphics hound!

Parapraxis2992d ago

No Frank, you are a troll.

RevXM2992d ago

Fall of man was not too bad, R2 was partially good and bad.

The one extra year of developement gives them room to make awesome looking visuals and the needed polish.

WhittO2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I actually think FOM had better graphics than R2! (for the most part anyway).

R2 looked really bad in some parts, like the big leviathan fight where it looked good but everything else looked soo bad (like getting thrown through that window lol, just took away from the epic-ness of the fight really, when you compare it to GOW3 especially.
The forest areas looked good and some of the lighting.

The game itself just felt really empty, the cutscenes were FAR too few and too short at that, it made the game feel like a bunch of random levels thrown together instead of a continuing gripping story. Also, the music was quite bad too, emotionless, just all of these things add together to make the game feel...blah when playing it.

As opposed to Uncharted 1/2 where there was JUST the right amount of cutscenes to tell the story, and they were just the right lengths too, with a great musical score etc that all adds to the actual gameplay.

Edit: Just read they will be devoting the final 6 months to graphics!! That's bold, hope they actually make a good game first lol.

Red_Orange_Juice2992d ago

health packs please, so many games use self-regeneration

FrankDrebin2992d ago Show
redsquad2992d ago

For a launch title, I consider RFOM to be a damn fine looking game. Even R2 had great visuals, just rather generic compared to the first outing

lovestospoodge2992d ago

"Some survivors have settled in a school and are formed a group. They have turned into cannibals and can eat other quietly."
Excuse me..what?

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socomnick2992d ago

This game is gonna suck if its anything like the past 2 games it will be dead upon arrival a craptacular game.

mrv3212992d ago

Hmm... no.

Resistance fall of man has more soul than any other FPS I've played this generation, with few able to top it.
Resistance 2 simply fixed the issues reviewers had with the first.

Parapraxis2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Kids who don't have PS3's are pretty damn jealous of this game huh mrv321.

R3 is going to be so much win.

redsquad2992d ago

You're entitled to your opinion of course - Such a pity that it's based on bitterness, jealousy and insecurity though.

ZombieNinjaPanda2992d ago

Welcome back Snick. Can you get rid of your douchebag avatar now?

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unrealgamer582992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

That's not true resistance 3's starting to look like rfom and that's no cod clone.

"Some survivors have settled in a school and are formed a group. They have turned into cannibals and can eat other quietly."

tears of joy

psb2992d ago

This new vehicle riding will be awesome. I can imagine a group of hungry humans and chimera pursuing me and my family when I am going BAM BAM BAM

cyborg2992d ago

2011 is looking to be the best year for the PS3

AKA2992d ago

It will.
the best community plataformer LBP2
So many great games 2 great fps, KZ3,R3.
The best tps SOCOM 4
The best off road rasing game MS:A
the bets and most fun open world super hearo inF2
Everything for every gamer, plus the MultP.. games and much more.

prongs1232992d ago

awesome lol mounted weapons, i think r2 had it?

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