New White Knight Chronicles 2 Content: First Look

Andriasang: We already got word of the latest updates and download content for White Knight Chronicles 2 courtesy of Weekly Famitsu last week. Now have a first look through the 160 plus images Sony and Level-5 sent out today.

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zetsuei12898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

WTH i need this game so bad @[email protected]

Probably the only decent JRPG in this generation besides Final Fantasy and Demons Souls T_T

FFXI1012898d ago

I'd say probably between May~July next year...and I wouldn't call FF13 a decent JRPG this gen, at least not to me.

WildArmed2897d ago

They brought over WKC1 after all the updates were done.
So I'm guess it'll be even later than that.
more like late '11/early '12 :(

They'll want to complete the game(w/ all the amazing updates. I recall 3 big updates for WKC2 that were announced..) before bringing over the complete package as an international version.

Man, i am literally dying everything I see WKC2 news :(

Neckbear2898d ago

"Probably the only decent JRPG in this generation"

Nope. First off, WKC was NOT decent, second, there are alot of JRPGs on different consoles, and most of them are in fact, great.

"besides Final Fantasy and Demons Souls T_T"

"Final Fantasy"

...Stop joking, silly. You made me laugh.

Chris3992898d ago

It was my favorite console JRPG this gen next to Lost Odyssey. I clocked over 500 hours into questing and Georama. And WKC2 sounds like they're making it into a fully fledged MMO with guilds and personal quests and such.

Final Fantasy XIII was generally disappointing for fans of the series. That opinion is universal, and permeates it's reviews, so I'm not sure where you're getting your info from.

WildArmed2897d ago

What Chris said.

WKC was pretty much the only traditional JRPG tribute this gen on the PS3.

(Again, i'm focusing on traditional, ala not Demons Souls and VC)

I can't wait for WKC2.

Suicide2897d ago

WKC was disappointing, imo. Bad story and slow, easy combat.

WildArmed2897d ago

Omg I agree.
I need WKC2.
I loved WKC (put too many hours into it)

Now just need WKC2 then I can get back into PS3 gaming.
Right now I just game on my PC =/

WKC is my GoTY 09, and nothing has challenged that yet :)

ranma68992898d ago

i dont think we see the west get till 2012 as for final fantasy i think they killed it ,when ever they release versus,like now there saying amaerica wont get the new metal gear till 2012

-IronMan-2897d ago

There was an article that said they are doing voice acting etc.. in english.

So it will be out sometime next year.

clearelite2898d ago

Looks very nice. Love the eastern style too. I will have to keep my eye on this one. Bring it over Sony(soon)! (plz :/)

Optical_Matrix2897d ago

Damn! Some of these new weapons and armours look great. I'm still at the beginning of White Knight Chronicles 2 :/ Will get back to it soooooon

forevercloud30002897d ago

This game got dragged through the coal in Reviews but it is now one of my favorite RPGs this gen behind Demon's Souls,Oblivion and Fallout 3. My only problem with the game was that it takes them too long to localize and the main story was definitely on the short side.

This game had many good things going for it. I love the combat too. Many complained that it was slow but I really don't know why because it is just like a turnbased RPG or MMO. I also love that you can create and name your own combs. No other RPG does that.

And the story is suprisingly different if you pay enough attention. Reviewer's tried to peg it as predictable and typical when it really is not.

Anyway, can't wait for WKC2 so I can create my own Knight, EPIC!!!!

Redempteur2897d ago

Simple .. those reviews rushed the signle player and did not try the awesome quest online mode.

People who got to try it online trully understood what white knight had to offer

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