The Top 5 Worst Kind of FPS Players

Loot Ninja writes:

"With Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops both dropping on us in the past few months/day, I have spent the majority of my gaming time on the FPS circuit. This post is not comparing the two for the sole reason of not wanting to start the inevitable flame war. This is a commentary on the Top 5 people I just cannot stand playing with/against in the online community. Whether it’d be Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network, they are there and unfortunately not going anywhere."

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TANUKI2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I'd like to add:

1) The little kid that tries to boss everyone around (edit: which is basically #2 in the article.... whoops lol).
2) The guy who blasts his [heavy] rap/metal music (I have nothing against those music genres, but please, not when I'm trying to focus on the game).

kneon2898d ago

"The guy with the mad fps skillz"

You know the guy that claims to be awesome and bitches about all the noobs on his squad. And then of course when he starts doing bad it's always someone else's fault

Immortal3212898d ago

also I suck at playing killzone2 high, but then again I have my days.

what about the players who are extremely to good.

ThanatosDMC2898d ago

"The little kid that tries to boss everyone around"

Happens in MAG's dom. The kid OIC wouldnt stop using Company Chat and kept whining about how we were losing. So as one of four the platoon leaders, i told people to kill the OIC. He was screaming "stop shooting me guys!" in a crying voice where 127 other people can hear. One of the funniest moments in MAG then he got kicked by his squad.


i dont knw about u but just give me a sniper and a good hiding place and im good.. they is nothing sweeter that killing some one with one short and the person not wtf just happened or were it came from :D

cochise3132898d ago

god damn camper. i love when i run up on your kind and you get scared and shuffle to pull out your pistol, and you get a whole clip loaded into your ass.

RedDevils2898d ago

Amen. I would roll a grenade up their ass and blow it up lol

cochise3132898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

lol don't worry it's nothing personal lol. i just enjoy finding the person who shoots me over and over.

ThisPlaceSucksBye2898d ago

Excellent article.
I hate every single annoying little prick that has been mentioned so far.

MidnytRain2898d ago

I don't know about number 2. *Sometimes* someone giving orders and updating players is just what a team needs if most of your teammates are bad, sloppy, or disorganized.

avengers19782898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Yes when they know what there talking about, and aren't just a bossy prick.
People that sing or rap into the headset..STFU!
People that whistle
People that bitch every time they get killed.
And finally the guy that is cheating, everyone knows he's cheating, everyone calls him on it, and he acts like it's enhancing the game for everyone.

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