Call of Duty: Black Ops Stats- One Day In, Six Centuries Played

UPDATE: Xbox 360 stats are slowly being added as well.

Call of Duty: Black Ops was released yesterday, November 9th, 2010. While you are waiting in the lobby, a "Counters" bar scrolls along the bottom of the screen, spouting off random collective stats. Some of these are absolutely incredible.

Keep in mind these are the PS3 stats only.

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WutPleaze2898d ago

that's insane. people need to go outside haha

Myst2898d ago

PS3 only? Wow...Wonder what it would be like combined...

Convas2898d ago

12-15 Centuries. We've played almost the entire 2 millenniums of the AD in a couple of hours. Incredible!

AAACE52897d ago

Yesterday on 360, I saw a total of over 4 million people were playing, so the numbers combined with millions of Ps3 gamers would be crazy!

Masterchef20072897d ago

normal since it majors in multiplayer. Dissapointed in the crappy port for the PS3 would have gotten it if they didnt screw up

wAtdaFck2897d ago

There was a story earlier that estimated 660,000 PS3 players played online so far, so doing the math...


8.5 hours per person

SpitFireAce852897d ago

760k+ players on today when i played around 8pm EST
so its a bit less then 8.5 hours per person..But i
my self have played around 12hrs+...

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