Desperate measures or extreme oddity with GT 5?

A company uses GT 5 to help publisize its own game. Is this madness or good PR?

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Otheros002896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

nvm. it's not false advertising it is good pr.
But it's strange that they would advertise a competitor's product or giving it away for that matter.

Blacktric2896d ago

I wouldn't say Polphony is the competitor. More like a friendly company. And yes, this is a good thing for PR. Beisdes, if I'm not mistaken V8 Racing is a good PSN racing game. It'll be a win win for everyone who buys it and enters the contest.

Cevapi882896d ago

i cant wait for GranD Turismo and Gran Turismo

language fail

Corepred42896d ago

"This is PR madness surely and doesn't say much about the quality of their game if they are resorting to using a more anticipated title to help publicize their efforts."
lmao... crackdown.

Zeixama2896d ago

They like racing games , so GT5 . This is not a surprise . Remember that Kurt Wimmer promoted his movie Equilibrium by using The Matrix movie . So this is like that and I like it !

Mmmkay2896d ago

That obviously worked cause nobody has ever heard of Equilibrium....

Blacktric2896d ago

Which doesn't change the fact that how great that movie was.

mandf2896d ago

Why is this in the 360 section?

Shadow Flare2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

A user uses GT5 to help publisize his own favourite console. Is this madness or good PR?


BrianC62342896d ago

It sure is nice to see a 360 site help publicize GT5 for Sony.

Redempteur2896d ago

nice advertising .. i just wouldn't do the same thing

MidnytRain2896d ago

Sounds desperate. A company is often not confident in their product if they try to ride another's. No pun intended.

soundslike2896d ago

I don't think it has anything to do with confidence in the quality of the product at all. Its just unfortunate timing. I wish this game came out a month or few ago, I'd gladly play it.

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