Five 9/10s That Would Have Been Perfect With Kinect

After much negativity regarding issues of space and (spit) casual titles, why not an admission of where Kinect could have changed our gaming lives for the better?

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divideby02924d ago

maybe next year when the games come out, but the games out now are just shovelware.
I have the $$ and time to play and I easily could have bought both Kinect and Move... but not with the crap games i have seen. Its an age thing, and I am over 12

hennessey862924d ago

dance central is a great game which makes great use of the tech.

wat6342924d ago

It has, and it will soon become part of our lives.

Shadow Flare2924d ago

I'm surprised your avatar doesn't have a heart shape around bill gates

ChronoJoe2924d ago

lol except it wouldn't work for those applications within the sports games, or nuts and bolts. I can see it working with rockband but there'd be no application of the camera as an input device.. just a means of putting you in the game...

Fight Night would be good though. Should be number 1.

whateva2924d ago

but in the real world kinect isn't going to make these games perfect because the controls are not precise and fast enough to make these games perfect.

I think they can make a good boxing game but not Fight Night round 4 because Kinect isn't really that good at controlling a on screen avatar but if they made the game more like Kung Fu live & Your Shape with your image in the the game.

(me playing the Your Shape demo) see how good it works when it's you in the game instead of trying to control a avatar.

Simco8762924d ago

Horrible idea. These games would blow with Kinect.

Kinect is made for on rails gaming, dancing games, and workout videos

Nothing more.

OGharryjoysticks2923d ago

on rails games are still better on Move because of the rumble and buttons