Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (Xbox 360)

"Within seconds, two enemy planes are on me and I'm trying to fight a lock-on to no avail. I see the streak of one missile glide by the cockpit, so I hit the throttle to gain some altitude and then drop back down towards the deck to see if I can shake them."

An interesting preview from GameTap

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Bloodmask4093d ago

The jet models look fantastic. Namco is really starting to impress me these days. With Eternal Sonata and Soul Calibur4 coming also. Overall a really nice portfolio.

This game should be a blast over XBOX Live.

Jeremy Gerard4093d ago

i actually played the demo 10 times!!!

jay34093d ago

I actually really enjoyed the demo. I neber really bothered with this series but i downloaded the demo and it was petty damn good.

Bolts4093d ago

Maybe with dedicated server support this game could be the 360's answer to Warhawk. But who am I kidding, its peer to peer for the lose. Thanks for keeping us in the stone age Bill.

BIadestarX4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

You know you are dumb when you compare Ace Combat to warkhawk... mmm.. I didnt know you can get in tanks in Ace Combat... and I didnt know you can get in a F16 in warhawk... heck.. I didnt know warhawk has single player mode...

Let me try to see if I can do better than you... Is heavely sword Sony's answer to Bioshock? ahhhhh ahahahaha.

CrazzyMan4092d ago

because initially ace combat games were always on playstation console. =)
anyway, when there will be new part on ps3, the game will get more attention and that is great. :)

i Shank u4092d ago

hey guess what? i been playing ace combat games on my ps1, then my ps2, and next, on my 360! why? cause im not some [email protected] brand loyalist thats why

Double-Edged4092d ago

it's not on the PS3.

and everyone who played it and liked it on the PS3, will pay more attention to the 360.


sad faces on sony loyalists when it comes to Ace Combat.
and i got one word for people like you....

CrazzyMan4092d ago

not just Ace Combat ps2 in HD. =)))

and if this AC in HD will sell on x360 only 50-70k in usa, i won`t be surprised. =))