Xbox 360-power phones on the way

Mobile chip maker ARM has designed a graphics processor that will make phones as powerful as an Xbox 360.

The design called the Mali T604, provides graphics that are a jaw-dropping 25-times more powerful than the iPad, and all for a tiny outlay in power.

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darthv722902d ago

As technology gets better, something smaller will inevitably equal or surpass something that was larger. I think using the 360 as the comparison is a bit wrong as the same statement could have been made in a more generalized form.

Like handheld gaming (gba, ds, psp) has equaled or surpassed console gaming of the SNES, GC and PS1/2. More recently, there was an article stating the processor in the PSP2 would be equal to a 360.

For a portable, that would make sense as it would not need to render the same amount of data a full size console does. So in essence it could very well achieve similar quality in a smaller size. People would poke fun at how the DS and (soon) 3DS specs are not as significant as something better. It isnt the specs, it's what you do with them that counts.