Kinect: Ages 4 1/2 and Up

Apparently, Kinect isn’t for everybody, especially young children under the age of 4. This is not a mental thing, but more of a physical recommendation, says an MSNBC article.

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starven2903d ago

Yet the games they pushed out have stuff targeted for children. Sigh

gigaware2903d ago

Yes Kinect is aimed at age groups that have poor motor skill control and can't comprehend what's going on lol. Dance Central and Kinect sports are geared towards toddlers LMAO

Pennywise2903d ago

Obviously it is... it is aimed at people who cant comprehend how to push buttons on a controller.

Oner2902d ago

ZING! +Funny Pennywise

FragMnTagM2902d ago

As my 3 year old and 4 yr old have no problem playing it.

N4Great2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

4,5 and up to 7 maximum.

Look at your disagree pennywise, every single adds for kinect is like screenshots dumb comparisons or (some) npd dates, the xdumbots are in full force, with 5 multi accounts for one dumb non-gamer.

The Maxx2903d ago

" the xdumbots are in full force"

Says the Sony Loyalist with 1 bubble.

retrovertigo2903d ago

Speaking from experience with my 3.5 year old son playing ANY kind of current console isn't always easy. The more basic the controls, the easier it is for him, but I always end up playing the game for him in the end.

The Wii is certainly the most child friendly, but even Mario is a brutally tough game for young gamers once you get past World 1-1.

iistuii2903d ago

Today and all the nonsense about it being unresponsive etc are all false. It did exactly what I wanted it to do and even the voice recognition was spot on. Not for everyone I admit, but kids and casuals will have a lot of fun.

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