Call Of Duty : Black Ops Sells 7 Million Copies On Day 1

According to early VGChartz estimates, Call of Duty: Black Ops has become the fastest-selling game of all time with over 7 million units sold on day one following over 4.5 million preorders as reported earlier in the week. If the 7 million for Black Ops holds true, it would make the launch around 10% larger than Modern Warfare 2 and the biggest of all time.

Lending some extra weight to VGChartz estimations are reports that over 4 million users have now connected to Xbox Live to play Black Ops and there are similarly impressive figures going around for PSN.

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darthdevidem014994d ago

Expected I guess.

But critics have been less nice to this one than Modern Warfare 2...who knows if it'll continue to sell big in the long run!

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Parapraxis4994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

Not that I trust VGChartz numbers, but I figured it would out-pace MW2 easily, something that paid analysts couldn't see.


Blaze9294994d ago

dunno why anyone would continue reading after that honestly...

Seferoth754994d ago

because most of us are not bitter fanboys. WE can comprehend what an estimate is and don't use that as an excuse to hate someone for showing our console in last place...

fuckoffodion4994d ago

you seriously have issues you nintendo fanboy. You always sound like a bitter fanboy.

UnwanteDreamz4994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

Blaze says "dunno why anyone would continue reading after that honestly... "

Then you start with the insults? Since you are intelligent enough to understand what an estimate is then you must understand why people don't believe VGCharts. They sample their numbers from select retailers and estimate everything based on their limited numbers. Other places do that but other places also have more than 30 years experience doing so.

Nevermind I could go on but you aren't intelligent enough to keep up.

NPD founded in 1967
VGCharts founded in 2005

TheoreticalParticle4993d ago

According to VGChartz, it sold 7 million day 1, huh?

Well, now I know that it sold nothing close to 7 million copies on Day 1. Last time a Call of Duty came out they were only like, 3 million copies off. Let's see what it is this time.

PS360fanboy4993d ago

@Blaze929 Ok dude, it's 2010, we already got it. Vgchartz is unreliabl when it comes to non-sony exclusives, right?

TheoreticalParticle4993d ago

So, VGCompleteBullshitChartz is only off by 2 million this time.

When your estimate is off by such fantastically large amounts, they cease being estimates and are just shots in the dark. You could have asked anyone on N4G what the numbers were going to be and gotten something equally close.

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FrankDrebin4994d ago

The game is amazingly awesome! Makes sense it has sold so many!

Imperator4994d ago

And next year COD8 will launch big and so will 9 etc, etc. I'm certain the COD franchise will eventually surpass Mario as the best selling franchise. Then again, sales =/= quality. Still, that's some very impressive numbers!

visualb4993d ago

So I guess thats irrefutable evidence that this game is good right?



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Minimox164994d ago

The World it's a FPS place now :(

NewsForMe4994d ago

There are still plenty of games from different genres. Its no worse than JRPGs last gen.

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Marceles4994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

Don't know about you, but I actually miss last gen's JRPG extravaganza. Honestly, JRPGs were bigger in the gen before last...I was cool just playing Half-Life, CS, and BF2, nowadays everything is in first person.

- Ghost of Sparta -4994d ago

Proof that most gamers have no taste.

visualb4993d ago

but thats intelligence

you can't match choice of product with intelligence because when you get into a crowd, the way a person thinks changes...A LOT.

so, lets say, although masses are not STUPID, they are more intelligent that 1 person (i.e a crowd of 10 people with ok SMARTS will outdo a genius alone)


when it comes to SELECTING a product, a crowd does indeed follow the motion, so as to fit in
this isn't called stupidity though, its just called crowd mentality

belonging, wanting to be "part" of something bigger.

happens as mentioned with Apple and the iPhone/iPod
also happens with stuff like DS and Wii, even clothes and styles.

COD has that effect. You'll see many people get COD "because their friends got them", I assure you if most peoples friends didn't get COD, they wouldn't either

imho, thats the WRONG way to deal with a product, but thats me, others prefer the group mentality to the individual mentality.

thats why COD, and Wii, and iPhone, and iPad, and god knows what else sells:

because other people buy it.

ape0074994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

omg the logic here is broken, "EVERYBODY is stupid", you know I think that the nerdy day-in day-out flame-baits and console wars are the most stupid thing on planet earth, I guess Now you know who's the real "stupid"

UnwanteDreamz4994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

The way I see it no more stupid then using populartiy as a measure for anything other than popularity. COD's success says nothing other than alot of people like the game. You know what else alot of people like?

The Jersey Shore
Justin Bieber

Why can't this guy see CoD's popularity as proof of no taste? Can't I believe that someone who enjoys the Jersey Shore has no taste? What are you an opinion Nazi?

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shoddy4994d ago

look like it's the best game on earth to the one that play sales.

Seferoth754994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

You poor Sony fans..

Like everyone passes on a game they love and is actually great. Sales indicate the opinion of the mass market.

Of course you kids keep trying to convince everyone that sales do not matter. I am sure Lair2 will be announced any day now.

@dtrain below, COD sales best on PS3 if that tells you anything about the average PS3 gamer and the infestation of fanboys on N4G that claim it is bad and they wont buy it.