NHL “Lights the Lamp” on the PS Blog

Hi Everyone – I’m excited to announce that the NHL is streaming its way onto the PS3! Beginning today, all PS3 users in the United States and Canada can download the new NHL GameCenter application, an exclusive offer for PS3 users making it the first and only gaming console to stream live hockey games in HD.

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Godmars2902924d ago

So its ust like the MLBTV app, only you have to pay for it - unless you're PS+ - and you have to pay for the service in addition.


Really just wish they'd announce/put GoogleTV on the damn system and umbrella things like this under it.

guitarded772924d ago

Google TV would be badass.

LiquifiedArt2924d ago

And i'll think about the PSPlus ordeal.

Philaroni2924d ago

I use the MLB app a good deal, you can still get scores and other things and don't need to pay for anything, All this stuff is not run by Sony, you have to pay for it no mater where you go. So no use in complaining about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.