Halo 3 "Track & Gather"

Don't miss these exclusive Halo® 3 screenshots, exclusively for Xbox® Newsletter readers! Two screenshots are hidden somewhere on Can you find them?

Use the hints below to track down the two elusive screenshots hidden somewhere on the pages of

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bung tickler4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

halo 2.5 my ass... oooh so pretty...

JokesOnYou4065d ago

that pic of Master Chief speaks for itself, he's a ICON and Bungie has added so much to the game, I have no doubt the story an gameplay will make this the best Halo experience yet. ha ha dont hurt 'em Chief=


eLiNeS4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

Someone find the rest and share!!!!

I found the 2nd one, click the links below for the spoiler!

3) ?

Evil0Angel4064d ago

WHY we have to wait till 25th september?
it is not like the game will be tested to see if their is bugs already gone GOLD.
PLUS if the release the game their is slight chance i will have the time to buy and play another game in october .if it relased in 25 SEP i think it will overshadow PGR4 (both first party games)

Bloodmask4065d ago

Halo3 is definately a huge jump in the graphics department. Everything is more crisp and vibrant. Only haters deny it.

I'm sure the music, story, gameplay, and online experience will all add to make it the complete package it is hyped to be.

heihoosilver4065d ago

have been posted a video of halo 3 jungle sp in here?
i found a video of the jungle sp of halo 3 and it shows very well what the game is.

FirstknighT4065d ago

First time a game has given me *GoOoSeBuMpS* : )

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