Bad Company 2 Map pack 7: This is Heavy Metal

Welcome to the second post in our series on the upcoming VIP Map Pack 7. Today, we revisit the single player map Heavy Metal -- now turned into one of the largest multiplayer maps for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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Game-ur3867d ago

Conquest only? I thought every map will have 4 modes!

Pleas I want rush rush rush rush rush rush

CombineElite3866d ago

Just when I try to stop playing Battlefield Bad Company 2, they find a way to reel me back in. Maybe one day I'll play the single player campaign, nah the MP is way too addicting.

"3-2-1- SPLASH, tell bravo company Merry Christmas"

Agent-863866d ago

Heavy Metal is the only one of the four new maps being released that doesn't support Rush mode. I also love Rush and can't wait for this release: it will bring the total Rush maps up to 10.


Mmmkay3866d ago

one of the other maps does not support conquest.... vip map pack 8 incoming...

visualb3866d ago

this is awesome VIP owner BFBC2 now has a lot of value

can't wait for vietnam

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3866d ago
-IronMan-3866d ago

When will this map pack be available?

OMEGAXS13866d ago

I'm guessing they'll wait for Black Ops to settle down then drop the new dlc. People who play BBC will be ready to jump back in after playing COD BO for a bit.

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