Dead Space 2 Solar Array Multiplayer Footage writes, "If you didn't have the chance to play in the Dead Space 2 multiplayer beta on the Playstation 3, and you've yet to see any footage of the Dead Space 2 multiplayer, then we have you covered. Or maybe you're just looking for more footage, in that case, we still have you covered!"

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Hellsvacancy2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Meh, my buddy gameshared the beta with me, only played it a handful of times, found it borin much like the Assassins Creed beta, maybe im just a hard mofo to please, no, cant b that, its coz multiplayer in these sort of games are second priority, im not a second rate sort of guy 2 b honest, hell, i even hav ONE bubble

Rhezin2902d ago

as I've stated before like other intelligent people, MULTIPLAYER DOES NOT BELONG IN A SINGLE PLAYER-BUILT GAME. I wish they could just rip the multiplayer part out of this game before it releases and just leave the shiny golden SP campaign, cuz you know the single player portion is going to be bada$$.