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ZeroTolerance Writes: As long as you are not one of those gamers that consider PlayStation 2 old-school gaming, you have more than likely heard of GoldenEye for the N64. People still discuss and play this game, and plenty have been dying for a remake or re-release on the HD consoles. When Activision announced they were bringing back GoldenEye expectations were high. When they announced it would be only on the Wii, some were disappointed. However, in the end what we wind up with is a fantastic re-imagining of a classic game that ends up being one of, if not the best, FPS currently available on the console.

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pcz2897d ago

This game has been totally redesigned. There are some homages paid to the N64 version that fans will spot, but generally this game is completely new. this games design has a more 'epic' feel, everything is on a grander scale. The levels are a lot bigger and are more realistic in this version and give the player a better sense of place. So far so good.

it is more detailed and cinematic, there is more character development so ultimately it is a better and more absorbing experience.

The gameplay sees the biggest change, as everything is on a bigger scale, the level of resistance you will face by the enemies is also a hell of a lot intense than before. In Goldeneye N64, you did fight soldiers, but they were in small groups, so felt like armed guards rather than soldiers. In this Goldeneye they really do behave like soldiers. When you get their attention it sometimes feels like you have a whole army going at you. It is quite ridiculous actually, because on some occasions i felt like i was actually in a warzone but i was a one man army. Think Call of Duty but with you being Bond... Thats the level of resistance you will face at times.

The enemy AI is questionable at best, they seem to have binocular vision and the ears of dogs as they can hear you and see you from hundreds of meters away and will kill you, many times. In the N64 version it was fun because the enemies were cannon fodder, you could kill wave after wave, but in this game you are on the back foot if faced with a army of enemies. So instead of fancy James Bond shoot outs, you are instead forced to run and hide like a coward, or just run a gauntlet of gunfire. I think this aspect of the game is what developers Eurocom have got wrong. You will have to be more tactical in this game if you want to progress.

**SPOILER ALERT!!!** Right at the end of the game there is a quick time event where you have to use your PPK, so if you enter that part of the game with no ammo, the game gives you ammo but you reload during the quick time event and the task becomes impossible.

This is SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT in my opinion and should never have happened. IF you need bullets to end the game and the game is polite enough to magically put bullets in the gun that weren't there in the first place, then it should at least give you them in a way that can be usefull. So i had to do the entire last level again, which is really infuriating as the difficulty level goes sky high. This is mostly in part to the wildly over sensitive motion controls.

Yes, you can customize the controls, but even the customization is done in a way which makes it difficult to measure your adjustments. You have to go through a dozen sub-menus, then back into the game, check the changes, then back through the menus to make tweaks, then back into the game again... Its tedious.

I also had a genius thought.. Instead of releasing the limited edition with a gold classic controller, why didn't they release a gold N64 controller that would be compatible with the wii? :D That would have been really special. Oh well.

I think its disgusting what the publishers have done to rinse every penny out of the game. Even the collectors edition itself feels cheap- its just a box with the controller and game stuffed inside, it doesnt have a feel of quality. The same goes for the manual- most, if not all nintendo manuals are in colour, in goldeneye the manual is black and white and only consists of a couple of pages (but with many languages.) Shit. So when you take everything into account, the publishers have really skimped and scraped with this release.

So :D i would give this game 8/10. It is quite brilliant, but there are niggles that are unavoidable.

pcz2897d ago

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