Stunning PSP 2 Designs, Which One Would You Choose?

It’s a no secret that a PSP2/ PSP 2 is under development “secretly” somewhere inside Sony’s offices. It was also revealed by Kotaku that the PSp2 will have 1GB RAM and will have more power than the Xbox 360. The device is also said to have a touch pad and is currently suffering from issues.

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Shanks2897d ago

That was 27 days ago -
And that was 11 days ago -

Stop submitting this crap or ima shit down your neck.

gameseveryday2897d ago

This is absolutely mind blowing. Roll like a pen. Wish psp2 is like this.

Sam Fisher2897d ago

that design looks annoying to hold and play, how will you hold it? where will the rest of your be? you have to put engineering into it as well

Active Reload2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I like the look of it, but I don't know how practical it would be.

Btw, lol at the 2nd one with a Blackberry qwerty pad.

FrankDrebin2897d ago

I only want to see the real PSP2, not some mock up!

Dirk Benedict2897d ago

Duke is living through you, friend.

mushroomwig2897d ago

This design is my favourite, even if it is unrealistic;

Bull5hifT2897d ago

The OLED screens can bend like that plus they take up Waaaaayyyyy less power, the can use that black material that they used in those things in school , when people whould come up to you and slap you on the arm and it'd bend around , also electroxuloy charged atom that align to a certain magnetic field, but that would take more power

halocursed2897d ago

This one is my personal favorite - looks perfect, but maybe too ahead of its time.

lastdual2897d ago

No way. I want my hands to actually be comfortable while I'm holding this thing. Having nothing to grip but the ends of a tube = hands cramping after 10 minutes of play.

Most of these are pretty poor, but it is funny how pic 09 is basically a DS :)

helrazor3432897d ago

that would be the 3DS, lol.

cyborg2897d ago

official, any design will do

uzair212897d ago

the first image is the article looks so much like 4ds

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The story is too old to be commented.