Why You Should Buy Kinect

Have any of you heard about this thing called Xbox 360 Kinect? Apparently it’s pretty big, and what’s even better: it isn’t just for the less than educated fans of anything shiny with a cool tag line; it’s for hardcore gamers too! Read on to find out exactly why you need to drive down to your nearest local gaming store and pick up a Kinect, or even two.

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Yi-Long2897d ago

.... but I'll wait till it has more than just one interesting title.

Seriously, as long as there's no content for it that I'm interested in, I'm obviously not gonna spend 150+ bucks on it.

FragMnTagM2897d ago

what a coincidence. Either someone 'secretly' wants one and is trying not to spend the money on it by telling himself it sucks, or you are just a sad and lonely PS3 fanboy with nothing better to do with your time.

Besides, I know you did not read the article, as you didn't comment on it's content.

He says to buy it and sell it on eBay to make money. Not that it is a good device.

I have one though and it is a good device. Worth every penny to see my friends and family have fun together.

Yi-Long2897d ago

... when I'm negative about Kinect, while I'm just saying it's not for me as it lacks content I'm interested in....

... and in another thread I'm a 360 fanboy for saying SCEE sucks for screwing us European games over again and again and again and again...(!)

I have both consoles, and I love them both for their own reasons, but just because I love my 360 doesn't mean I'm gonna drool over an expensive eye-toy wannabe that lacks any interesting games (for me).

I'm more excited about Super Meat Boy and IloMilo that I am about Kinect.

nygamer282897d ago

its daughter loves it