Psychic octopus puts PS3 Move in Christmas top spot

Though the World Cup bookies bane, Paul the Psychic Octopus, may have only just recently given up the ghost (may he rest in peace), he's already got an heir to his mystic, underwater throne. His cousin Ollie is taking up the tentacled predictions game, and has been splashing around with his top tips for this year's must have Christmas gadgets.

Two year old Ollie put the PS3 Move at the top of his most wanted list, wrapping his eight slimy arms around Sony's latest motion controller despite the fanfare surrounding the launch of the Xbox 360's Kinect today.

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coolbeans2992d ago

I'm not sure who came up with the psychic octopus, but I was tempted on betting for whichever team Paul chose to win the World Cup(guess he think Paul chose Spain, don't remember now though).

Shadow Flare2992d ago

Paul got every single prediction in the world cup correct, including the final between Spain and Holland. That was one hell of an octopus.

InfectedDK2991d ago

MOVE WILL be WINNER this Christmas!
/ NO sarcasm at all! If you know this dudes cousin Paul you know he's right 'bout everything!

ABizzel12991d ago


Psychic Octopus. Well they do have huge heads, it must be used for something.

Raikiri2991d ago

ahahaha delusional Fanboy Psychic Octopus.

Silly gameAr2991d ago

Sounds like a sweet anime.

Sylmaron2991d ago

Octopi are always right. :P

Owner360-PS32991d ago

He was pretty amazing during the World Cup, too bad he died :( Think he knew it was coming also?

Calm Down Sunshine2991d ago

I bet his fish-friends were gutted. :(


GiantJedi2991d ago

I thought the thing died a little while ago...?

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The story is too old to be commented.