COD Black Ops Vs MW2 Vs WaW: Graphics Compared

Call of Duty fans had hoped to take delivery of what was meant to be the best from the franchise yet, but for one reason or another – that has not happened. Black Ops is more of a re-skinning of Call of Duty 4, but that is not saying that the latest game from the franchise is not good.

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Chuk53603d ago

They don't even have comparable pictures in this article.

Spydiggity3603d ago

and the video of the guy camping the whole time in MW2 was especially entertaining.

gamerdude1323603d ago

Fail article. Where's the pictures? Instead we have to look at pathetic videos that aren't good enough to actually compare.

itsralf3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

This has to be the worst comparison article I've ever seen. Play the games and take screenshots. Or at least find some comparable screenshots on the web, if you're too lazy to actually take some yourself.

Shaman3603d ago

Black Ops>MW2.Valkutra level(prison),laos,and snow level are absolute marvel.Better looking than anything in MW2,believe me ;)

Ares84PS33603d ago

And seeing where one of the heroes of [email protected] ended up was a strange feeling. I thought it was genious.

Shaman3603d ago

Yea that level is great,very atmospheric.Did you get to that snow level where you are climbing down the mountain?That looks s.i.c.k and its fun to! :)

Ares84PS33603d ago

I'm playing in Veteran and had some trouble on Executive Order. Right at the very end where they have that very long hallway and you have to push back the Russians because they just keep comming. (It was a bitch on Veteran)

HeavenlySnipes3603d ago

I swear I was saying to myself, "damn that guy sounds alot like the dude in [email protected] that saves you from the japanese". Damn its gret to know now.

HeavenlySnipes3603d ago

but admit it, the graphics don't look as good as MW2. The agame is definately better on every level other than the graphics department.

Shaman3602d ago

On average game does not look better than MW2,but some levels like these three,that stand out,IMO look better than any from MW2.

RyuDrinksTheDew3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

how did this get approved?

is this a joke?

they compare a Black Ops zombie match, MW2 domination multiplayer match, and a [email protected] singleplayer mission.


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The story is too old to be commented.