New Kinect features on the way

Eurogamer: MS only "scratching the surface" says Kudo Tsunoda.

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Masterchef20072925d ago

Looks like the ÿou are the controller¨ slogan wont last long

gigaware2925d ago

What ever they update or bring to Kinect you are still the controller. Whatever you are talking about I'm sure Kinect will do both and at the same time.

darthv722925d ago

Once you see past the slogan, you will see that there is potential for growth. Uses not just for the 360 but also the PC.

Facial, vocal, physical recognition as a form of security to prevent others from using your PC/360.

I also believe that the software tools will get refined to actually track more points on the body. Maybe even down to a single finger. Right now it is just taking what we have seen in the movies for years and making it a reality. Go figure on a game console.

I can see an introduction of a head tracking module. Maybe even be the entry point for home VR which has failed to grab hold years past. Just because it is a camera doesnt mean it is strictly limited to what you see.

It is actually what sees you and what the devs can do with it that sets it apart.

radphil2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )


The thing though darth, for PC at least, this tech isn't new. Reason why I mentioned that was the potential growth comment. :p

Now for commercial home use yea it's basically new.

avengers19782925d ago

IMO what you have is what you'll get... I don't think they can update what it can do, and I will believe you can use both controller and kinect at the same time when I see it. Just like a game that you can play with either. Talk is talk, but the proof is in the games.

T9X692925d ago

"IMO what you have is what you'll get... I don't think they can update what it can do"

What?? Have you ever heard of firmware updates? The Xbox & PS3 I had years ago can do much more now then it could before. PS3 didn't have a Netflix without using a disc and now it does, Xbox didn't support game installs or USB flash drives, now it does. Many things can be done with firmware updates. All the games right now (at least that I'm aware of and the ones I own) for Kinect only support just Kinect, but I've been in the middle of Kinect Sports and can use my 360 controller to navigate the guide, send messages, voice messages etc, so it's not like the 360 controller is obsolete while using Kinect.

They already have games in the works using Kinect and regular controller, Steelbattalion is one of them for example. Then again they haven't shown gameplay, but something small like this is not very hard to believe.

ASSASSYN 36o2925d ago

Kinect recieved updates tweaking it's recognition of hand gestures for operation throughout the beta.

Dark_king2924d ago

Yea both kinect and the PSeye can be updated.PSeye should be getting one soon to allow 120 fps.Kinect will probably only get them when MS does there updates to the system,however they may release a few minor fixes between now and the next update.But they do love releasing as few updates as possible so I wouldn't expect anything soon.

Sheikh Yerbouti2925d ago

"No gadgets. No gizmos. Just you"

No, thanks. Just core.

Moonboots2925d ago

Im sure there will be plenty of games that fit the "you are the controller" slogan. Are you saying that is all they are allowed to make for the device?

What a limiting idea you have there.

Bring it on, this device needs to ramp up quickly with more features and support. I welcome any creative uses of the tech but when you are adding a peripheral to a 6 year old console you better be guns blazing.. So far so good but don't let this turn into Vision Camera 2.

edgeofblade2924d ago

Hopefully the next Kinect feature is a traction bed. I threw my back out this past weekend punching blocks in Yourself Fitness Evolved. A visit to the chiropractor later and I'm recovering.

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PS360PCROCKS2925d ago

I'm starting to not like this guy, he's kind of annoying. Plus ok bono, we get it you're cool you wear sunglasses ALL the time.

A Cupcake for Gabe2925d ago

I can't stand Kudo. I mean look at Dr. Marks. Yeah he's nerdy but the guy is smart and understands the technology of the PS3/Eye/Move. He never talks out of his ass, never dresses like he's a 40yo living with his mom and in a Lady GaGa cover band. He humbly shows the potential and is like a kid so excited to share the technology his teams come up with. Kudo is a retard and terrible frontman for the camera. Why does MS hired such douches? I don't think we'll ever truly know.

Moonboots2925d ago

I just find all kinds of irony with a guy named "A Cupcake for Gabe" with an avatar like that talking down about this guy. Yeah, I'm sure he is a douche and you aren't.. ugh

The guy wears the glasses because he has a medical condition and is required to wear them. You must have a blast with people in a wheelchair or braces on their legs..

jarrod19812925d ago

you are a d-bag. he wears them for a reason. why so worried about what a person looks like. im sure he is way more succesful than you will ever be and theres a reaso for it. and i guess everybody who works for sony are so cool and hip. get a life.

VictoriousB132925d ago

Kudo has said before, he's over sensitive to light. Jesus you guys sound like pricks when you bash him about his sunglasses when he wears them for a legitimate reason.

rekof2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Scratched the surface of your anus,.. Now they are going to release move type of controllers and use a some of anal wrist action,..(because It can only do eye-toy type of games)

You will be paying for Kinect more than 360, just to make it gaming-ly applicable for 1player,..

either that, or you are content with really damn expensive eye-toy games,..

ever wondered why people hate the shit out of MS? Excellent example,.

@down ,.. yes all this awesome tech,.. that has no gaming applicability whatsoever,..

mcstorm2924d ago

Have you tried kinect yet? Because if you have you will know that there are many more things to come from it. Just like there has been more things come to the Wii ps3 and the 360. I own both move and kinect and I am more impressed by kinrct than move at this moment in time as all Sony have done is given us Wii like games for it or added support onto olds games. From what I get from move is its just a better version of the Wii remote. Kinect offers alot more than the eye toy ever did and to say its the same is wrong it is not the same at all.
I don't get you fan boys at all what's happened to the real gamers who enjoyed playing games rather than slaging each others console off? If MS Sony and Nintendo were not in the console market now it would not be as big as it is now. We need 3 companys in the market to keep them giving us better games consoles devices and software. When Sega dropped the Dreamcast last Gen it looked bad for gameing as Sony were walking away with everything and Nintendo changed there business type for this Gen and it looked like Sony were just giving us a updated ps2 with the ps3 but because MS have come into play Sony have had to up there game. I don't see why you see this as a bad thing in the end its us the gamers that win.

MorganX2925d ago

Kinect federates with Office Communications Server/Lync via Windows Messenger. Yeah, there's a lot of capability in Kinect, not just games.

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