The Legacy of Donkey Kong Country

To celebrate the new release of Donkey Kong Country Returns, let's take a look back into the history of this popular franchise.

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bgrundman2901d ago

OMG, I own all of these games for SNES and in my eyes, they are all amazing. I can't wait to play the new Wii game!

Jimmy the Greek2901d ago

i loved the "port" for the gameboy

princejb1342901d ago

i loved dk country 1 and 2
and donkey 64
even dou it wasnt as good as the previous ones but it was still fun for me

Marceles2901d ago

When the first one came out it was probably the best game I'd ever seen at the time. I remember beating it the same Christmas I got it and my mom getting mad because she paid $70 just for me to beat it in one day lol

starven2901d ago

DK Country was such an awesome game. I am stoke for this new one!

wondroushippo2901d ago

I can't wait either, but sometimes it is good to just take a look back.

Jimmy the Greek2901d ago

this makes me want to buy my wii back

roblef2901d ago

What a great explanation of the game history and technical cheatery used to create these games on a "lower powered" system. Sweet writing!

bgrundman2901d ago

These are the kinds of articles that I LOVE to read. Great piece!

LBD_Nytetrayn2901d ago

Great piece. I've always loved DKCountry, though I didn't care for them phasing out Donkey and eventually Diddy before DK64, which I admittedly did not play much.

I did love Jungle Beat, though, from the moment I tried it at the Nintendo World Store. It's essentially the Super Mario Bros. 2 or Sunshine of the series.

Jimmy the Greek2901d ago

i always wanted jungle beat but the peripheral made it to expensive for my part time minimum waged ass.

bgrundman2901d ago

I actually played DK64 from beginning to end and hated every minute. But when you are a kid, you can only play what you had onhand and that is what my parents got me for christmas. It is good to see them getting back to basics.

jagstatboy2901d ago

um what? DK64 is among the best N64 games out there.

CrzyFooL2901d ago


bgrundman2901d ago

Too bad Nintendo has the trademark on that phrase now... Thanks for nothing Payton Manning!

crunchychocobo2901d ago

At least you could spell Peyton's name correctly. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.