Black Ops: Lag, Patches and Diminishing PC Support

Black Ops has released to much fanfare and cavalcade, however, with the numerous issues causing multiplayer to be unplayable at times, Treyarch has left PC gamers in the dust. What's being done to resolve these issues?

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kdogdaddy2926d ago

Great overall title with amazing strategic bonuses and gameplay, however this issues are wearing on all PC gamers alike...

CombineElite2925d ago

Sure many PC games have an issue right after launch that require a Patch, not a big issue as the sheer number of PC configurations is too big to get tested during Beta.

But on the other hand a company that is dedicated to the PC such as DICE for example didn't have these issues when they launched BC2. Sure it required a patch for the long loading time but for the most part the game was without major non-playable issues.

Some PC developers have their stuff together while some half ass the job and I'm not going to make excuses for developers who don't take the PC serious.

Call of Duty got it's start on the PC but I guess with Activisions Console whoring as of late they have forgotten how to program for the PC correctly.

Shackdaddy8362925d ago

I think its only the CoD devs that have been half-assing it lately.

I cant really think of anyone else...

LJCabo2se2926d ago

Personally I hate the people that say they hate the game cause of the lag, ITS THE FIRST DAY THE GAME IS OUT!.. get over it and stop raging newbs. Pc games have a lot more stuff 2 do b4 they work properly. Consoles are all the same, comps are all over the the history timelone ie:prehistoric-preseant. =P

KK im done now.


despair2925d ago

what the hell does lag have to do with it specifically being on the computer? Did you read the article, they specifically said its a problem with the game itself not computer config or network issues.

Losi2926d ago

It was frustrating at first, but its all better now.

scar202925d ago

If you havent changed your region matchmaking i suggest you do now i play rarely with lag.

MGRogue20172925d ago

Keep the patches coming..

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The story is too old to be commented.