Iwata still wants to create big Wii games

Good news for everyone who still has hope in the current Wii – myself included; I do want to see just how much further it can go now that it’s relying solely on awesome software to sell. Iwata feels that the Wii is currently still far from the limits of its full potential, and wants to continue developing great games for it.

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Venox20082899d ago

really, good to hear that Nintendo won't abandon current wii, I love this console and I don't need HD...

kesvalk2899d ago

so... wait, skyward sword is not big?

Feld02899d ago

Nah, Skyward Sword's big, all right, but I think this means we're gonna see some big stuff on the Wii beyond it. As I said in the article, it seems to me that they've already done everything big they can with the Wii, but knowing Nintendo, they've always got just one more trick up their sleeve. Maybe it's something to do with the Vitality Sensor, maybe it's something else. Only time will tell.

AWBrawler2898d ago

Give us those games from Japan, like:
Fatal Frame 4
Disaster Day of Crisis
Last Story
and all that other stuff they keeping