Goldeneye 007 or Call of Duty: Black Ops Wii?

MMGN: The times are a'changing! I never thought we would be sitting here discussing two top quality Wii shooters. But alas, they have both been released in the hectic month of November, within less than a week. The problem is, it’s near impossible to commit to both with so many other FPS games on other formats - unless you’re a Wii only gamer - so the question is: which do you buy?

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matey2900d ago

Goldeneye its a proper FPS and maybe not as deep as COD in terms of perks and MP options but Goldeneye still has the most local MP options in a FPS 16 modifiers with pver 200 combinations of gameplay make this game i think the best offline FPS game easy and i really like the speed of getting online its rapid and and its very intense online the character movements are awesome and they animate better than in COD series all day

matey2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Dont forget Conduit 2 that game will have more modes than COD and will rival PC fps games in terms of options thats my COD right there ill get Conduit 2 with headbanger headset from what i have seen on that game the graphics are better than 360 end of

tunaks12899d ago

c2 looks like an improvment but its not up there with the 360's visuals. Not saying the wii cant do it (in 480p of course) but there are much nicer looking wii games out there.