First-look: Siliconrepublic’s Microsoft Kinect review

Siliconrepublic: All in all the Kinect is a masterpiece of technology and the lack of a controller in your hand is actually quite liberating. The other fantastic thing about the Kinect that people need to realise is if you’re an Xbox LIVE user, the Kinect doubles as a way to control your music and movies. I tried this out and was able to pass a movie with the swipe of my hand and flick through a various scenes as if I was Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Other things to bear in mind is additional content through services like where with a wave of their hand or a voice command, users can play, skip, ban and love tracks.

Another feature to watch out for – and that I haven’t tried yet I have to admit – is Video Kinect, a video chat experience that you can enjoy on your couch or with Windows Live Messenger.

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